9 Amazing Swimsuits Perfect For Summer

Today's post is going to be a quick one to show you 9 Amazing Swimsuits Perfect For Summer. These are from various places I've found around and range from cut out swimsuits to fun bikinis. I am going on holiday soon which is what inspired this post as I love finding new swimwear. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favourite and follow for more posts like this.
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Which is your favourite swimwear piece from this post? Let me know in the comments below.

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Morland's Glastonbury Slippers Review

There is nothing better than getting home from work and putting your slippers on. It's the first thing I do everyday so when the opportunity arose to review a pair of slippers from Morland's I couldn't resist. After seeing the choices on their website I was sold. It was a tough decision to choose my favourite pair but in the end I went with the Sheepskin Seaforth Slippers in snow leopard colour (You can find them HERE

They looked so soft, fluffy and comfortable and boy was I right, they totally were. I put them on my feet and felt like I was in heaven. My feet felt completely snuggled and warm (even if it is summer!) and they are so comfortable and feel totally luxurious. They came with a shoe horn and dust bags for each slipper which are nice little touches. I'm never going to take these off. My mum also loves them and has tried stealing them off me on many occasions (she is a HUGE fan of leopard print). They do many other styles including ballerina pump style and the classic fluffy slipper style (which was my second choice) They even do slippers for men as well as having a collection of outdoor boots.
They also do the same style as I chose in plain colours so if you are not a fan of leopard print you could opt for the simpler colours. 

Have a look on the website HERE and let me know in the comments below which are your favourite pair.

*These were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

This or That? - Rosegal Bodysuits

Long time, no see. I am officially back from an unofficial break which went on longer than I wanted but for my first post back I'm doing a 'This or That?' post where I will compare 2 items and choose my favourite. For the first time doing this post I will be comparing two different bodysuits from Rosegal. These are the dark sequin bodysuit and the pink velvet bodysuit. Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite and enjoy! 

First up we have the pink velvet bodysuit. This is a gorgeous colour (probably one of my all time favourites) and is in this lovely soft velvet material. I'm loving everything pink and velvet at the minute so this definitely isn't the only thing in my wardrobe that has these two details. It has this low cut front which is a little bit lower than I am usually comfortable with but with the right accessories (I'm talking bras and boob protection here) then it could totally work. This bodysuit would be a great piece for nightwear as it is so comfortable to wear to sleep in but also would work as a nice summer or holiday piece.

The second bodysuit is this amazing dark sequin one. It has these oil spill? holographic big sequins which really make it stand out and it would look good paired with a leather skirt for a night out. It is very loose on my boob area so I would definitely need something to tape it down and keep it in place as it also has a super low cut neckline as well. It is made from this nice material and isn't too tight which means it is very comfortable to wear as I sometimes have issues with too tight bodysuits in the bottoms area.

Overall I think my favourite is the.... Pink velvet one as like I said I'm loving everything pink and velvet at the moment and it is also the softest of them both which is something I always look out for in clothes when buying. Which was your favourite of the two? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know what 'This or That?' items you would like to see next.

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OOTD: Kendall Jenner Inspired

Today's post features this gorgeous silver sequin dress and silver choker both from RoseGal.

How beautiful is this dress from RoseGal? It's this gorgeous silver sequin dress that is inspired by the dress that Kendall Jenner wore for her birthday. I definitely think she wore it better of course. I love how pretty it is and how much it stands out, you would definitely get noticed if you went out in this dress! It has these little chain straps which fall down your back too which is a lovely detail. The one thing I do wish about it though is that I would like it to go more in at the waist because it doesn't do a great job of accentuating my waist but other than I love it.

The choker is also from RoseGal and again is in this lovely silver colour with a drop chain part down the middle. If you know anything about me you know that I love chokers of all kinds so this is another plus for my ever growing collection. I feel super dressed up with this choker and I plan to wear it way more often to dress up any outfit. 

Silver Dress: RoseGal*
Silver Choker: RoseGal*

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Huge Romwe Summer Fashion Wishlist

 Today's post is a huge summer wishlist featuring items from Romwe. It features 72 items!! So Enjoy and let me know in the comments below which piece is your favourite from each section.