Exotic Alternatives To A Pint At The Pub

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A crowd of people cheering at an evening concert

When a lot of people go on vacation, nightlife can be one of the hardest things to get to grips with. It can feel very natural to lean towards the activities you already like, and most people will want to be around people they feel comfortable with, leaving a lot of evenings being spent at businesses designed for your nationality. Of course, while this is a fun way to spend your time, it can often make a trip feel a little pointless. Some of the best culture can be found at night, and this post is going to be exploring some of the best examples from around the world.

Street Festivals - Some of the best examples of public events around the world are street festivals. When people come together in huge groups, the fun which can be hard will be greatly intensified, and a lot of people will find it hard not to enjoy this sort of environment. There are loads of places around the world where this sort of event is very popular. In India and its surrounding countries, a lot of life events and national holidays are celebrated with people taking to the streets to enjoy music, dancing and time with the people they love. The best part is that guests and newcomers will always be welcome.

Shisha Experiences - Of course, not everyone will want to go out and enjoy night after night of street parties, as this will be very tiring. For a more relaxed evening, spending some time in a traditional Shisha lounge is a great way to try something new. Similar to a large pipe, using a shisha is a very pleasant experience. Instead of breathing in smoke from the materials inside, you will be inhaling vapour, making it much less likely to have a long term impact on your body than smoking. This sort of option originated in India, but can be found all over the world and throughout many cultures.

A Foodie’s Dream - Finally, as the last area to consider, the Spanish really know how to do a good evening of fun. Instead of separating out a meal and drinks, a night in a tapas bar will see you enjoying both at the same time. You won’t have large dishes, though, as you will be expected to share a range of smaller ones with those around you. Along with some traditional Spanish drinks, music and scenery, this sort of option will make anyone feel like a local. Of course, though, it will be worth researching the venues on offer before you bite the bullet and book a table.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be feeling inspired to start taking a different approach with your evenings overseas. While it can be easy to spend your entire trip doing things you know and love, experiencing something new is often the best way to make a vacation more memorable. Of course though, this will be completely down to you and there’s nothing wrong with doing what makes you feel most comfortable.

Let me know in the comments below which one of these 3 choices sounds the most interesting to you and whether you have ever done any of them.

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OOTD: The Stars Align

*but the banner doesn't hahaha

Today's post is another outfit of the day one. I went and took a LOAD of photos of various outfits and pieces so that I had a good backlog to keep me going. The piece featured in this OOTD is this gorgeous velvet star print culotte jumpsuit from Glamorous.
 I may have mentioned it before, but I am someone who doesn't often wear jumpsuits or culotte style trousers, as I am quite short and they usually do not look right on me but this piece came in a mystery bag of 10 random items for £20. I decided I wanted to try it because I have had a similar service before from another place which was just a random selection of dresses and I was happy with the dresses that came (You can see a post I did mentioning it HERE)

One of Glamorous' version is a little different as it is any 10 random items for £20 including accessories. I was kind of dreading it thinking it was just going to be full of accessories but instead I received 7 pieces of clothing and 3 necklaces. This was just 1 of the 7 beautiful pieces I received (I will upload more outfits including those other pieces in the future). 
 It is a velvet material with these lovely little gold stars on it. It is super soft and comfortable to wear and I can see it fitting in well with my spring wardrobe with a jacket over the top. I will probably even use it as lounge wear at home too!
Let me know what you think of this jumpsuit in the comments below and what you would pair it with to make the perfect outfit. 
I unfortunately couldn't find this piece on the website any more but please see below for some similar velvet jumpsuit suggestions. 

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3 Exciting Ways To See The World

  *This is a contributed post.

When it comes to travel, we often find ourselves sticking to the same old stuff. We choose a sun-soaked destination, hop on a plane, and lay by the pool. While this is definitely something that will be super relaxing and enjoyable, it’s also quite limiting. In fact, you’re restricting yourself by just choosing to travel by plane. So let’s take a look at three alternative ways that you can see the world instead.

1. By Boat

Have you ever thought about how you can see the world by boat? Probably not! Not only can you see some incredible islands (hello island hopping in Greece), but you can also tick off a range of destinations in one go when you head off on a cruise. And that’s certainly something exciting to think about.

2. By Foot

Next, you’ve got your own two feet to think about. Because there’s nothing quite like trekking through the rainforest or exploring a stunning city on foot. Okay, so technically you probably will need to hop on a plane to get you started, but the point is that you’re going to use your own feet to explore and see more!

3. By Car

And finally, we have to mention the good old-fashioned road trip! Not only can you see the breadth of the UK by car, but you can do the same in Europe too. As long as you’re taking extra care to stay safe on the roads, which the infographic below can help with, it can be a lot of fun!
Infographic Design By IntelligentCarLeasing.com
Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this contributed post and which of these three ways you would like to try the most.

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OOTD: Nasty Gals Do It Better

I'm back with another outfit post! It's being so long since I posted lots of different outfits on my blog. The reason being, I felt like my outfit photos looked unprofessional and I tried finding a new place to take them and getting super frustrated in the process but unfortunately this is the best I can do for now. I am working on learning my camera more and I now own a soft box so hopefully I can come up with something different for you soon. 
 Anyway onto the outfit now. It consists of two pieces, both from Nasty Gal. A gorgeous maxi/midi? floral dress and some beautiful white leather boots.
The dress is this gorgeous black and pink floral print with a big ruffle for the hem. It features a wrap style neckline with a belt tie to keep it together and nipped in at the waist plus it also has long sleeves. I wasn't sure whether to call it a midi or a maxi dress as I'm quite short (5'4') and maxi dresses usually drag on the floor for me but this sits quite high above my ankles. Of course for the model in the product photo it sits even higher up. I think this item works well for both winter and summer as in winter you can pair it with a nice jacket/coat and wear thick tights underneath for an added warmth. While in summer it can be worn on it's own and will also keep the chill of the British summer at bay.
Now for my favourite part of the outfit. The boots! I've been wanting a pair of white leather boots for ages now and I finally own some. This gorgeous pair features chunky thick heels (I can't walk in thin heels) and a rose gold bar detailing across the front. These are super comfortable and I can see them going well with a lot of items in my wardrobe as I know they are very in trend right now. I know I'm going to be feeling very conscious wearing them though as they are so clean and white (Maybe not for long!) 
 Find them here:

I also showed a close up of the boots over on my Instagram.

Let me know what you think to this outfit in the comments below. Leave a link to your blog too and I'll be sure to check it out!

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UK Holiday Ideas You'll Love

*This is a contributed post.

You don’t always have to get on a plane and fly for a couple of hours or more to have a great holiday, there are many places right here on our own doorstep that are just as beautiful as anything you’d find in Paris, Rome or Bali (although the weather might not be quite as good).

So, if you’re looking to get away from it all for a while, why not choose the UK? Here are some great home-based holiday ideas that you’re sure to love:

Stay in a Tree-house

There are numerous locations across the UK where you can spend your nights in luxury tree-houses, but to my mind, one of the best is the Bower Tree-house in Somerset where you can treat yourself to a glass of the fizzy stuff as you take a luxurious bubble bath and look up at the stars on the relaxing Stourhead estate. Whether you’re travelling solo, heading off for a romantic weekend with your partner, or going along with kids, as well as the obvious luxuries of the tree-house, you’ll be in close proximity to plenty of fun activities, including woodland walks, gallery trips amazing restaurant experiences. It’s the ideal weekend getaway.

Cycle the Coast 2 Coast

If you’re the active type, then why not take on the coast 2 coast cycle challenge? Not only will you get a lot (and I mean a lot) of exercise in and avoid coming home with the usual holiday weight gain, but you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful coast land with its rugged cliffs, beautiful bird life, rolling hills and quaint little villages, that the UK has to offer as you cycle from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. It’s one trip that you won’t forget, not least because your legs will be more toned than ever once you’re done!

Ride the Railway

If you want to get really romantic, get yourself on a sleeper train to Fort William, where you will get to see the Great Western Line, which was designed by none other than Brunel himself, not to mention the awe-inspiring Coastal views that encompass Devon, the Pennines and the Lake District, in all their glory as you’re treated to the lap of luxury. Absolutely dreamy!

Go Vintage in...Wiltshire

Wiltshire might not be the first place you think of when you think of vintage vehicles, but if you can’t squeeze in a trip to the good ole USA, instead of taking in Route 66, book yourself a vintage vehicles, such as an Alfa Romeo, from Vintage Classics and start exploring the many natural beauties of the area, including, of course, Stonehenge. It might not be Vegas, but it’s beautiful, and you won’t be rendered unable to drive by the hangovers!

Try any one of these UK holiday ideas, and I can guarantee that you’ll be won over by the beauty of this country and the variety of things you can do here if only you make the decision to not go abroad once in a while.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this contributed post and what UK holiday idea from the list sounds the best.

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