Mid Season Romwe Sale

This time around Romwe are having a Mid Season sale with items upto 70% off on over 1000 styles. It goes from the 1st June to the 6th June. check it out and let me know if you get anything.

Romwe mid-season sale , over 1000 styles with up to 70% off! Valid date: 06/01~06/07/2013.

Romwe Leggings

I'm in love with Romwe leggings as they have such a big unique range that I have seen no where else. They are having another 3 day sale for the leggings marking them down to $19.99 from $39.99. I'm probably going to end up buying another pair or 2 for myself.
$19.99 leggings for any pair. 3 days only! 05/28/2013- 05/30/2013.

Trend: Galaxy Print

A trend I'm really obsessed with at the minute is the Galaxy Print trend. I've always loved the space and galaxy pattern and colours so when I found out that clothes were being designed with the pattern I got really excited. I currently own 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 top and 2 pairs of leggings with various versions of the print on and so plan on getting more.
I bought these ones off eBay. They actually sent me the wrong pattern but I still love them. They were really cheap so may not be the best quality but they do look really good.

These ones I bought from Romwe. It took me ages to make a decision of which ones to get because Romwe has a massive range of Galaxy Print Leggings but in the end chose these ones. They are better quality than the eBay ones and the print looks great.

This top I got from House Of Fraser and is Jolie Moi who do various Galaxy Print patterns for tops, skirts and dresses. I love the print on this and the colours used for it.

The skirt I got from Dorothy Perkins but is also Jolie Moi and has the same print as the above shirt so both go well if I choose to wear them together. I like the dip hem on this skirt and the fact that it is a pleated skirt too.

This dress is from InLoveWithFashion and I love the colours used as they really stand out and catch your eye. I also love the floatiness of the dress and the dip hem. The sleeves are a really interesting addition too. I also like that this dress came with a little black belt which can be seen in the photo.

I'm actually going to attempt to do my own DIY Galaxy print so I'm looking forward to see how that goes and will post about my attempts afterwards.

Another Romwe Sale

Romwe are having another sale. This time it is for Memorial Day and they are having 20% off selected items. Check it out and let me know if you get anything. 
Romwe Memorial Day Sale, 20% off selected items from 05/25/2013 to 05/27/2013

Romwe Sale

I'm quite a fan of Romwe as it has pretty cool unique clothing available so I'm also excited when they have flash sales or special sales. Their latest sale is the Outlet Flash Sale which has 30-80% off everything in the list. It starts in 22 hours from when this is posted and I'm quite looking forward to seeing the discounts and may purchase a few things. Feel free to have a look at the sale and let me know if you choose to purchase anything.

New Job

I know I haven't posted much in the last week as I have just got a new job but I do plan on doing some DIY clothing so I may be posting some DIY Tutorials as well as before and after shots and I'm trying to get back into doing graphics so hopefully I will have some to post up soon. I'm thinking of starting Lust posts which will be basically styles/trends which I really like at the minute as well as maybe posts about some of my favorite shops to buy clothing. I have a few various other ideas of stuff to post but what would you followers/readers like to see more of on the blog?

Outfit Of The Day: Hair Dyed Red

That's right. I've had my hair dyed red. I love it and I love how different it is from my usual blonde. Today's outfit features a yellow sleeveless shirt from Reiss that I won in a giveaway from Shopcade, black sequined shorts from Fashion Union which I also won from the same giveaway and various pieces of jewelry I purchased off Ebay. I wore this outfit for my friends 18th birthday night out.

I love the colour of the shirt as I'm really into bright colours and I love the contrast against my hair. I also like how it is oversized and sleeveless at the same time as it has a cool effect draping down my sides. It is quite sheer so I had to wear a black vest underneath but I think it looks great tucked into my shorts rather than having it out as it is quite a long shirt. The gold buttons down the front are a nice stand out for the shirt too.

The necklace goes really well with this shirt and outfit as it has gold accents which match with the gold buttons of the shirt and the black matches with the shorts as well as matching with the bracelets too. I like the shape of the necklace as it is really interesting and eye catching as well as in trend. 

I'm in love with these shorts as I love sequins and sparkle so these are perfect for me. They are also the perfect length and don't reveal too much which is great. I thought they would be quite scratchy on my legs and sides but so far I haven't really noticed anything. They have a small side zip up which makes them easy to get on and doesn't grab your attention away from them. 

If I'm going to wear one of these bracelets I always end up wearing all three of them because they look great together as they all match each other. I love how the gold and the black matches the outfit and the white adds another colour into the outfit and adds a little pop.

Shirt: Reiss
Shorts: Fashion Union
Jewelry: Ebay

Latest Graphics: Demi Lovato & Taylor Swift

Now for something a little different than my usual outfit of the day. Here are two of the latest graphics I've made. I made them back in March but since I haven't made any others since then I'll show these ones. I use Paint Shop Pro 9 and I have being creating graphics for around 9 years now and it is a real hobby of mine which I hope to turn into a career at some point.
This Demi Lovato one was inspired by her blue hair in this photo as well as the floral background. I decided I wanted to use the colours featured in the photo which as you can see are blue, pink and a light green. I love this colour combination as the green with the blue is pretty unusual. The font used is personally one of my favorites that I like to use quite a lot. The style for this graphic is basically photos blended and then I used the rounded rectangle tool to cut them out and add a background with various brushes around the photo as a frame. This is one of my favorite styles I like to create as it is quick and simple to make.
With the Taylor Swift one I wanted to do something a little different to the Demi Lovato style one. I first used a gamma effect I have over a black and white photo which created the colouring used in the main photo. The red splats used are another favorite of the styles I use in my graphics as it makes the plain photo stand out. I like to make it look a little vintage when I use this effect as seen in the photo above. I also like using the see through rectangle to add text over so that it doesn't fully cover the photo and doesn't look too blocky. Again this font used is another favorite of mine and I added 2 little borders around the graphic to give it something extra. 

Outfit Of The Day: Galaxy Obsession

Todays look features a Galaxy Print top from House Of Fraser and a Galaxy Print skirt from Dorothy Perkins. 
I'm in love with Galaxy print so this outfit is just perfect for me. I can wear the separate pieces together as they have the same print or I can use them to jazz up another outfit. I love that this top has black sleeves as it gives the top a bit of edge. I also love the fabric as it is so light and breezy and would work really well in summer when it is a little warmer. The colours used in this print are beautiful and will be sure to make you stand out in a crowd. This top is a brand called Jolie Moi which make really lovely Galaxy print items and was purchased from House Of Fraser.
Same thing said above with the skirt. The same fabric is used so again light and breezy. I like how this skirt features a bit more black in than the print on the top so it gives it a bit of a contrast. It is a drop hem skirt which is another trend I love at the minute and it is pleated which gives it a nice shape and movement. As stated above this skirt is also Jolie Moi but was purchased from Dorothy Perkins. It also comes in a more blue/green print too.
Just a closer up shot of the actual Galaxy print on the skirt. I don't know if or when I will tire of the Galaxy print but as of right now I'm really loving it and hope to see this trend continue on for a long while.

Top: Jolie Moi @ House Of Fraser
Skirt: Jolie Moi @ Dorothy Perkins

Outfit Of The Day: Summer Is Coming

Todays look features a Baseball jacket from F&F at Tesco, a green aztec print vest from F&F at Tesco and a pair of rainbow coloured animal print shorts from F&F at Tesco. All these items were won as part of a giveaway where I won a £100 F&F Clothing giftcard.

I'm really loving the baseball jacket trend at the minute and I own two so far. This one features the letters NY and black and white stripes on the collar and cuffs. I like how this one is a cropped version so it doesn't over power the outfit too much. It's a great jacket to use if the spring/summer weather goes a little chilly. I am from the UK after all.

At the minute I'm really liking the aztec print trend which seems to be appearing everywhere from tops to skirts and leggings. I particularly like how this aztec print is incorporated into a mint green vest which is one of my favorite colours for clothing and favorite colours in general. I also like how the vest has a burn out look which I also really like in clothing.

I particularly love these shorts because I really love bright colours and when there is a bunch together it's great. I don't usually wear animal print but the print really goes well with the colours. I like how the material is really light so they are a really good summer short and won't make you over heat. These shorts would be a great look on the beach and would really make you stand out.

Jacket: F&F, Tesco
Vest: F&F, Tesco
Shorts: F&F, Tesco

Outfit Of The Day: Simple Stars

Todays look features a red star top from Internacionale and a basic grey bodycon skirt which was purchased from Ebay.

The top was purchased from Internacionale a couple of years ago. It is actually UK Size 18 because I wanted it to use it for an oversized look. I had a massive obsession with stars at the time of purchasing so the pattern featured is great.

I paired the top with this simple grey skirt so the attention isn't taken away from the top. I also like how the oversized top is juxtaposed with the tightness of the skirt giving it a contrasting look. This was a great find from Ebay for only 99p. I'm always on the lookout for cheap bargains whether in stores or on Ebay.

Top: Internacionale
Skirt: Ebay

New Blog

Hi, This is a brand new blog that I have just started so bear with me as I get used to how things work. This blog will mostly focus on Fashion and daily looks as well as DIY, tutorials and my graphics design. If you have any tips for a newbie to the blogging world please leave any comments below as they will be appreciated. Thank you.

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