Latest Graphics: Demi Lovato & Taylor Swift

Now for something a little different than my usual outfit of the day. Here are two of the latest graphics I've made. I made them back in March but since I haven't made any others since then I'll show these ones. I use Paint Shop Pro 9 and I have being creating graphics for around 9 years now and it is a real hobby of mine which I hope to turn into a career at some point.
This Demi Lovato one was inspired by her blue hair in this photo as well as the floral background. I decided I wanted to use the colours featured in the photo which as you can see are blue, pink and a light green. I love this colour combination as the green with the blue is pretty unusual. The font used is personally one of my favorites that I like to use quite a lot. The style for this graphic is basically photos blended and then I used the rounded rectangle tool to cut them out and add a background with various brushes around the photo as a frame. This is one of my favorite styles I like to create as it is quick and simple to make.
With the Taylor Swift one I wanted to do something a little different to the Demi Lovato style one. I first used a gamma effect I have over a black and white photo which created the colouring used in the main photo. The red splats used are another favorite of the styles I use in my graphics as it makes the plain photo stand out. I like to make it look a little vintage when I use this effect as seen in the photo above. I also like using the see through rectangle to add text over so that it doesn't fully cover the photo and doesn't look too blocky. Again this font used is another favorite of mine and I added 2 little borders around the graphic to give it something extra. 

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