Outfit Of The Day: Hair Dyed Red

That's right. I've had my hair dyed red. I love it and I love how different it is from my usual blonde. Today's outfit features a yellow sleeveless shirt from Reiss that I won in a giveaway from Shopcade, black sequined shorts from Fashion Union which I also won from the same giveaway and various pieces of jewelry I purchased off Ebay. I wore this outfit for my friends 18th birthday night out.

I love the colour of the shirt as I'm really into bright colours and I love the contrast against my hair. I also like how it is oversized and sleeveless at the same time as it has a cool effect draping down my sides. It is quite sheer so I had to wear a black vest underneath but I think it looks great tucked into my shorts rather than having it out as it is quite a long shirt. The gold buttons down the front are a nice stand out for the shirt too.

The necklace goes really well with this shirt and outfit as it has gold accents which match with the gold buttons of the shirt and the black matches with the shorts as well as matching with the bracelets too. I like the shape of the necklace as it is really interesting and eye catching as well as in trend. 

I'm in love with these shorts as I love sequins and sparkle so these are perfect for me. They are also the perfect length and don't reveal too much which is great. I thought they would be quite scratchy on my legs and sides but so far I haven't really noticed anything. They have a small side zip up which makes them easy to get on and doesn't grab your attention away from them. 

If I'm going to wear one of these bracelets I always end up wearing all three of them because they look great together as they all match each other. I love how the gold and the black matches the outfit and the white adds another colour into the outfit and adds a little pop.

Shirt: Reiss
Shorts: Fashion Union
Jewelry: Ebay


  1. Wow, i can't believe you dyed your hair red. So cool, and the color really suits you too! Honest.
    Was it a spontaneous decision or have you been considering it?

    Great outfit, my favorite part is your 3 bracelets.


  2. the accessories definitely added a touch of spunk into your outfit :)

    Thirdbite | style blog

  3. I love your hair and those shorts are so awesome!!

    Style Without Limits

  4. Great look!