Trend: Galaxy Print

A trend I'm really obsessed with at the minute is the Galaxy Print trend. I've always loved the space and galaxy pattern and colours so when I found out that clothes were being designed with the pattern I got really excited. I currently own 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 top and 2 pairs of leggings with various versions of the print on and so plan on getting more.
I bought these ones off eBay. They actually sent me the wrong pattern but I still love them. They were really cheap so may not be the best quality but they do look really good.

These ones I bought from Romwe. It took me ages to make a decision of which ones to get because Romwe has a massive range of Galaxy Print Leggings but in the end chose these ones. They are better quality than the eBay ones and the print looks great.

This top I got from House Of Fraser and is Jolie Moi who do various Galaxy Print patterns for tops, skirts and dresses. I love the print on this and the colours used for it.

The skirt I got from Dorothy Perkins but is also Jolie Moi and has the same print as the above shirt so both go well if I choose to wear them together. I like the dip hem on this skirt and the fact that it is a pleated skirt too.

This dress is from InLoveWithFashion and I love the colours used as they really stand out and catch your eye. I also love the floatiness of the dress and the dip hem. The sleeves are a really interesting addition too. I also like that this dress came with a little black belt which can be seen in the photo.

I'm actually going to attempt to do my own DIY Galaxy print so I'm looking forward to see how that goes and will post about my attempts afterwards.

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