Outfit Of The Day: Pink Surprise

Today's look features a thick pink starry jumper from Victoria's secret PINK which I bought very recently and a pair of pink galaxy leggings from Romwe which I have had for a while. 

The jumper was bought from Victoria's Secret in the New Years Sale so got it for a very good price. As it is really cold here I figured I'd need a very thick jumper for the rest of winter and this is perfect for just that. I bought it in quite a large size as I really like oversized items as it makes it a lot more comfortable for me to wear. I love the bright pink colour as I haven't worn anything this pink in quite a while. 

The leggings were bought from Romwe some time last year and I haven't really wore them that much. I thought I'd wear them with this jumper as the colours go really well together and I love the galaxy print on them. I don't usually wear leggings without a dress but as the jumper is so long I thought I'd give it a shot and I think it worked out quite well. 

Jumper: Victoria's Secret PINK
Leggings: Romwe

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