Trend: Tartan

A trend I really love at the minute is the Tartan trend. I generally like the colour red as well as any check print so mixing the two together is great for me. I love how eye catching the print actually is and there are numerous items that use this print. I currently own 4 Tartan print items and do plan on owning more. I have 1 dress, 1 bag, 1 jumper and 1 bomber jacket. 
This dress I got from Primark for the sale price of £5 so a very good bargain. I love that it has faux leather as the skirt part and as the collar as that is another trend I like at the minute. I wore this dress when I went out with my family and got many questions as to where it was from and how much it was. When I told them they were very surprised as one person thought it was from Topshop for about £40 and that it didn't look cheap as some Primark items do.

This bag is another Primark item which was an impulse buy but it was £9 so I didn't break the bank. It is a back pack type bag with straps on the back not seen in this picture. Since buying this item I have used it a lot and I'm definitely glad I bought it. The little pocket at the front is perfect for storing things I need to find quickly instead of digging all the way into the main bit. Like the dress above it has faux leather for some parts such as the zips, the entire back part and the straps as well as the flap over the zips.  

Here we have a Tartan buttoned jacket which is varsity bomber style. I love this type of jacket in general but with Tartan makes it even better and I had to buy it. I bought it with money I got for Christmas and it was £10 from Select which is a shop I don't go in often but when I do I always find some nice items. This jacket also features faux leather which is something I apparently really like mixed with Tartan. I also like that it has white stripes around the sleeves, the bottom and the collar as that really adds to the jacket. I really like that it is a button up compared to the usual zip up jackets that I own as that gives it a unique edge. 

I hope this trend lasts quite a long time as it is something I really like seeing around and whenever I see someone wearing Tartan it always catches my eye. 

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