Outfit Of The Day: Red Camo

Today's outfit features a camo print baseball top from eBay, a red lace skirt from Primark and a general pair of black tights also from Primark. 

The T-shirt features a camo print with a number 23 and is in a baseball style with white stripes on the arms. I love a good camo print but I don't see it around often where I live. I own quite a few baseball style tops but most are plain so I thought I'd mix it up a bit. I got it in a larger size so again I could have it as quite an oversized T-Shirt which is something I do with most of my clothes. I decided to tuck the top into my skirt so that the skirt could actually be seen and it definitely looks better this way. 

The skirt is a basic red lace skater skirt which was purchased from Primark in the winter sale. It did come with a black belt but I took that out for the purpose of this outfit. I've been wanting a red skirt or a lace skirt for a while and I saw this so I figured why not get two in one. It has a stretchy waist so I can either wear it high waisted or general, for this outfit I went with high waisted. I didn't think this would go well with the T-shirt but I thought I'd try it and I actually really like the contrast.

Top: eBay
Skirt: Primark
Tights: Primark

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