My Shoe Collection: Heels

Today I bring you my heel collection from my wardrobe. I don't own too many heels but here is my little selection. I have quite a thing for platforms so they pretty much all feature platforms and huge ones at that.

My first pair is my Iron Fist ones. They are a white rose pattern with subtle skulls. They have a black bow on the front and are quite strappy. I got them for my birthday last year but have yet to wear them, oops. They are definitely my most unique pair of shoes I own.

These are my favourite pair of heels I own. They are a glittery pair of Jeffrey Campbell style ankle boots with a very high hidden platform which make them super comfortable. I got them from Fashion Union when they were in the sale last year.  

These ones I got from Matalan sometime in summer last year and again I'm guilty of not wearing them yet. I'm telling myself I'll wait until the weather gets a bit warmer again. A cream pair of again very high platform strappy sandal shoes.

These are my newest pair and my most casual. I wear them almost every day at the minute as I just absolutely love them. They were from Faith in Debenhams in the sale in February. 

Another of my newest pairs. This time them being from InLoveWithFashion with a voucher I had saved up from a few months ago. These are way bigger than I expected them to be when I opened the parcel. They are huge but super awesome. 

What are your favourite heels?


  1. Love the first ones, also we have quite similar taste in heels lol, I love me some sky high's, I've got to make up for being so short right :D

    1. That's exactly why I wear super high ones because I'm so short haha :)

  2. Omg i love your heel collection<3 High heels are the best heels!


  3. I'm totally in love with the ones from Iron Fist! I always wanted a pair from there. Also I really like the last pair, the black platforms. They are gorgeous to!