Outfit Of The Day: Black & White

Today's outfit features a black studded collar shirt but I cannot for the life of me remember where I got it from, a random print skirt from H&M and my crazy black sequin boots from Fashion Union. 

The shirt is a sheer chiffon type shirt with gold studs on the collar. I cannot remember where I got it from so if you have any idea please let me know. This shirt practically goes with anything because it's black so I paired it with this skirt because that has elements of black in it too.

The skirt I got from H&M around August time last year and I remember seeing it in the store and instantly wanting to buy it because the print on it is just so awesome. I love random printed items and this has symbols on that I love. It's also a little longer at the back than the front so I don't have the issue of it been too short at the back like some skirts seem to be.

The boots were from Fashion Union in the sale just under a year ago. I'd been eyeing up some of these style shoes in general so when I saw these sequin pair for £10 I was sold and bought them immediately. They are super comfortable because they have the hidden platform in the front so I practically have a flat foot when wearing them. 

Top: Unknown
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Fashion Union


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