Outfit Of The Day: Spring Patterns

Today's outfit features a Versace dress, a necklace from Primark and a bracelet that was handmade by myself.

The dress has these gorgeous colours and patterns on it. The green and the pink are two of my favourite colours and with the white too it looks great. It's a Versace dress which was reduced from £400 to £70 so a massive bargain. It will be great for summer and it just looks so unique. 

The bracelet is one I made myself. I decided I wanted it to be mostly pink and I added the black beads to break it up a bit. It's definitely my favourite bracelet that I've made myself and I plan to make more like this very soon. 

The necklace came in a set of three from Primark but I decided to just wear one of them so I didn't take too much attention away from the dress. It's in a nice gold colour and has little gems on the inside of the peace sign.

Dress: Versace
Bracelet: Handmade by Me
Necklace: Primark

Spring Pink Heels

For today's post I bring you pink heels. A girl can never go wrong with the colour pink especially as it's spring right now and pastel colours are huge this spring so why not go with some pretty pink heels. All these heels are on sale at Dressale which have a huge range of pretty heels for cheap prices as well as gorgeous special occasion dresses. Below is my favourite pink heels which are featured on the site.

Heeless Wedge Shoe                      Buckle Stiletto Heels

What are your favourite pink heels from Dressale?

Outfit Of The Day: Oriental Florals

Today's outfit features a dress from my mum's wardrobe that she let me borrow and some sunglasses I got from eBay as well as a bracelet also from eBay.

The dress I actually borrowed from my mums wardrobe so I'm not sure exactly where it is from. I love the florals on it and that it isn't my usual length or style of dress I go for but I think it looks great. I paired it with my new sunglasses that I got from eBay for around 50p so mega good value.

I also wore this bracelet because the colours go really well with the dress and I just love the pattern on it. I also got this from eBay for super cheap a while ago.

Dress: Mums wardrobe
Sunglasses: eBay
Bracelet: eBay

Choies Mothers' Day Sale

Today's post is going to be highlighting the Mothers' Day Sale at Choies which is on now so why not treat yourself or your mum to something nice. 

It is a 15% off sale if you use the code ILOVEMOM which ends on the 28th April so not long to check out this one. 
Mother's Day Sale at Choies, 15% off & free shipping

Here are some of my favourite items that are in this sale which I may consider buying:

Pleasure Floral Tshirt                                     Leather Look Tshirt

Striped Shirt                                                 Floral Tshirt

Lip Midi Skirt                                        Floral Sheer Tshirt

Birds Shirt                                                      Floral Skirt

Star clutch Bag                                       Reflection Sunglasses

Mother's Day Sale at Choies, 15% off & free shipping

Are you going to buy anything from the Choies Mothers' Day Sale?

Outfit Of The Day: Voodoo Dolls

Today's outfit features a tartan jacket from Select, a bones top from PLNDR, some denim shorts from Nelly and my thick tights from Primark.

The jacket I got after Christmas and it's so comfortable because the material inside feels so silky. I just love it plus it's a pretty unique jacket too.

I absolutely love the pattern on this tshirt because I love stars, bones and pentagrams plus It's a baby pink which is great for spring and one of my favourite colours. It's a nice thin material which is also great for summer. 

These have been featured so much in the past few weeks. Since I've bought them I have worn them so much because I love them. I think these are definitely going to be featured in my April favourites.

Jacket: Select
Shorts: Nelly
Tights: Primark

Outfit Of The Day: Ocean Rise

Today's outfit features a thin sheer jumper from Romwe, a yin yang top from H&M which is barely seen but worn underneath, some denim shorts from Nelly and a necklace from eBay.

The jumper I got ages ago from Romwe as I absolutely loved the colours but I'm not sure on the thickness of it or how it falls when I don't tuck it in. I'm currently selling it on Depop if anyone is interested.

One of my favourite tops I own. I love the shape, the feel and of course the pattern of it. I wear it all the time. Even though it's barely noticeable in this outfit I needed to wear something underneath and decided I didn't want to go with a plain vest so I chose this.

My absolute favourite new shorts that I can see myself wearing nearly all summer as they are just perfect for me. I just love them. 

Just a random necklace I bought from eBay for a pretty cheap price. It falls at a nice length and looks great with any outfit.

Jumper: Romwe
Top: H&M
Shorts: Nelly
Necklace: eBay

Outfit Of The Day: Throwback

Today's outfit is actually a throwback outfit which I took but never got round to posting so I thought I would post it here today as I haven't had any really exciting outfits in the past week. The outfit features a top I bought from eBay, some red yin yang shorts from Topshop and my black tights from Primark.

The top I bought a while ago from eBay and have only worn it this once as now I'm actually selling it on my Depop account. It is a tight black crop top covered in white writing which I really like and I'm not actually sure where it is originally from.

The shorts I spotted in the Topshop sale after Christmas and I just had to buy them. I love Yin Yang signs and these shorts just caught my eye. They were the last pair available and they were in my size so it was pretty much fate. They are decently high waisted which I really like and they fit like a dream which for me is hard with shorts.

Top: eBay
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Primark


Today's post is about a mobile app called Depop. On Depop people sell off their new and second hand clothing and fashion accessories. It's kind of like eBay but more focused on fashion. A lot of people sell the latest fashions for cheaper than in the shops so it's really good for finding a bargain. You can also sell your own clothing like I'm doing on there as well. 

If you want to follow me and check out my items for sale my username is @lucymitchell and I'm selling various items which might of been featured in my outfit posts or just things that have been stuck in my wardrobe for ages with no use. I'm adding things daily so keep checking it out and follow me for all my updates.

Above is the official Depop page which tells you mostly what it is about as well as links to their social media and places you can download the app.

What are your usernames on Depop?

Outfit Of The Day: Simple Weekend

Today's outfit features a blazer from Zara, a Batman tshirt from Romwe and some light denim jeans from F&F at Tesco.

The blazer was from Zara a while back. I just love the colour of it. Apart from being one of my all time favourite colours it also stands out and really gives a nice pop to the outfit. It fits well which is really good too as sometimes blazers don't fit right and look strange.

The top is a Batman themed top from Romwe. I got it a while back when they had a flash sale. I like that it is cropped and because it is a white top it isn't actually too see through which I usually find happens with white tshirts. It's also a nice soft material so feels really comfortable and the fit is great.

These jeans I got last year in the summer time from F&F at Tesco. They are super skinny and they are quite thin so they would probably be classed as jeggings. They fit so well on my waist but are a tiny bit too long for my legs so the material tends to bunch up under my knees.

Blazer: Zara
TShirt: Romwe
Jeans: F&F at Tesco

Outfit Inspiration: Night Out

 Today's post is an Outfit Inspiration for a night out featuring items from Dressale. It's an all black outfit but you can never go wrong with black as it looks great on everyone. 

The dress has mesh panels on the shoulders, down the arms and on the back as well as cut outs at the waist which makes you look really flattering in it without showing too much. It's a great length as it isn't too short and it can be paired with almost anything.

The first shoe I've gone for is a pair of studded suede super high wedges as this is my favourite type of shoe and skyscraper heels are always good for a night out and make the outfit even more eye catching plus they make short people like me look super tall.

A second pair I've gone for are again wedge heels but a lot smaller for anyone who doesn't quite want to wear super high heels but still wants a little bit of height, again they are suede which is a really great material for shoes as it feels great and looks great too.

To finish off the outfit, for the bag I've chosen a simple black clutch bag. It has a little silver bow on it to give it a bit of flair and add accents to the outfit. You can never go wrong with a little clutch bag on a night out.

What would you wear for a night out?