March Favourites

Today I bring you my March favourites. There doesn't seem to be much stuff this month not sure why but I just haven't loved or used much and March went so insanely fast.


I got this top very recently from New Look and I keep wearing it because it is so comfortable and I just love these style of tops.

This skirt is one of my favourites I own in general. I've worn it quite a few times throughout March and it is such a soft material.

Another of favourite skirts that I own. I've worn it so much over the past few months as I just love it.

Another very recent purchase that I got from New Look and this T-Shirt is perfect for me as it is acid wash, oversized and super comfortable plus I just love the colours.

My all time favourite skirt that I own. It's my go to skirt that I wear nearly every time I go out whenever I need to kind of dress up and not wear jeans. A great length and a nice little twist on the leather skirt.


A Deathly Hallows Symbol necklace as I love Harry Potter and I've been wearing this necklace so much lately, because it's so simple it goes with everything.


Music I've mostly being listening to this month is the Teen Wolf Soundtrack mostly from Season 3 but also from other seasons. I just love the music used in the show and I've found so many new musicians since listening to it.


Of course my favourite film of this month has to be Frozen. I haven't watched as many films as I usually do this month but Frozen was one of them. It's a really great film that I could watch over and over plus it has a pretty good soundtrack too.

What are your favourite items from March?


  1. hehe swietne rzeczy :) tez sie troche zaoopatrzylam na marzec :)
    (zapraszam do przeczytania pierwszego posta na blogu) Pozdrawiam :)

  2. Ooh i really like the 48 Jump up top and the leather skirt :)
    Frozen is also one of my favourite movies! Thanks for sharing this~
    Following you now!!