Outfit Of The Day: Mickey's Hand

Today's outfit features a check shirt from Debenhams, a mickey's hands top from eBay, some denim shorts from Nelly and some sunglasses from Primark.

The shirt I've had for a few years and I got it from Debenhams from H! by Henry Holland. I love the colours on it and it's just my favourite check shirt.

The top I got very recently for £2 from eBay and I've been liking these Mickey tops for a while so when I saw this for that price I had to buy. It's not too thin so it isn't see through which is also good.

These shorts I got from Nelly and I absolutely love them. They are perfect for what I wanted which was super high waisted in this colour with hem distressing at the bottom which are these. They are a tiny bit big at the waist but I can always wear a belt with them. 

These sunglasses were from Primark and again they were super cheap at only £2. I got them last summer and they are the pair of sunglasses I wear the most. I love the shape and the colours too.

Shirt: Debenhams
Crop Top: eBay
Shorts: Nelly
Sunglasses: Primark


  1. Woe £2 for that top? What a bargain :) lovely outfit x

    Olivia @ Awake Looks

  2. Gorgeous outfit, love your top and glasses!

    Much love,

  3. Very cool look. The top is so great. I like your blog. Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me on gfc and bloglovin.

  4. great and funny tshrt, love the shorts!
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    Clarie C.

  7. Nice shirt!


  8. lovely shades <3 i really like the whole look <3

  9. The top is soooo cool!! I really love your blog <3