Outfit Of The Day: Holographic Layers

Today's outfit features a baseball top from Primark, a holographic skirt from Romwe, a pink crop top from H&M, a crystal point necklace from eBay and a pair of mirror sunglasses also from eBay.

The baseball top was a random buy I got from Primark ages ago. I have another one similar in a mint green colour but I bought this one in a size too large which is why I mostly use it as a kimono style jacket which seems to work well. 

The pink crop top was from the H&M sale a few years ago. It's a very simple crop top in a simple colour but looks great mixed with high waisted bottoms such as this skirt.

The skirt is my all time favourite skirt from Romwe. I LOVE holographic prints and this skirt fits perfectly high waisted and isn't too short. It's definitely brings a unique look to any outfit too.

The necklace is my favourite I own as I love the opal blue effect and I like the shape of it plus it's sort of like a choker necklace which is something I'm loving right now. Again this was a super cheap buy from eBay.

The sunglasses are also a cheap bargain from eBay. I'm obsessed with coloured mirror sunglasses as well as round sunglasses as I own so many pairs. I may have to make a post about my sunglasses collection if that's something you may be interested in. The only problem is the lighting in my room and my camera really doesn't do the coloured reflection justice. 

Baseball Top: Primark
Pink Crop: H&M
Skirt: Romwe
Sunglasses: eBay
Necklace: eBay

In regards to these outfit posts would you like me to go back to my old format and take pictures of the items separately liked I used to do or keep the posts like this? Let me know in the comments below. 

Outfit Of The Day: Wonderland

Today's outfit features a top from Unknown, some shorts from eBay and a double ring also from eBay.

The top I bought a while ago so I'm not actually sure where it's from but I love the pattern on the front as well as the colours. I like how the top is netted so it gives a really cool effect and keeps me cool in the warm weather.

The shorts are from eBay and again are really super cheap just like most of my wardrobe. They are a really cool silver colour and as I'm loving metallics at the moment they are perfect. They are a really great size and are good for summer which is sadly coming to an end. Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in me starting to do eBay bargains posts or something similar.

The ring is a random ring I got from eBay. I love how unique it looks as I haven't seen anything similar around. I usually have trouble finding double rings which fit two of my fingers but this one seems to work well. I'm also loving really chunky rings too at the minute and my collection is slowly growing.

As you can tell my hair has faded super quickly in a few weeks but I trying to decide whether to dye it blue again like this to make it brighter or leave it and dye the rest of my hair a pastel pink. Let me know in the comments below what you think would look good.

Top: Unknown
Shorts: eBay
Ring: eBay
Hair dye: Bleach London

If you could have any hair colour what would it be?

Outfit Of The Day: Neon Lace

Today's outfit features a sheer lace top from Primark, a crop vest from eBay, Daisy shorts from Matalan and a ring from eBay.

The lace top I grabbed at the last minute while I was in Primark. I'd been wanting a similar one for a while and this one at £3 on sale caught my eye right before I went to the check out so I just had to buy it. It's a really pretty cream colour and has nice fringe features on the bottom. Overall a great top for summer.

The green crop vest was from eBay which I won in a 50p auction so it's definitely good value for putting under sheer tops and it's a really nice colour which stands out nice through the lace.

The shorts I got from Matalan a while ago. They are a nice thin material which is great for summer and has a daisy print on which is a print I'm loving this year. They are high waisted and actually fit really well on me which is something I love about them. 

The ring is another random one from my collection which I got from eBay. It's one of my current favourites as I'm loving this chunky type of ring at the minute and plan to get some more. It also fits great on this finger and doesn't feel loose or too tight at all. 

Lace Top: Primark
Green Vest: eBay
Daisy Shorts: Matalan
Ring: eBay

Outfit Of The Day: Over The Rainbow

Today's outfit features a rainbow dress from Romwe and some rings I got from random places.

The dress is from Romwe and includes some beautiful colours and you all know how much I love multicoloured rainbow pastel items so as soon as I saw this I knew I had to buy it. I bought it when it was in the Romwe sale for $9.99 and I'm so glad I did because I love it. It is a really nice silky material too so it feels great against the skin and is a really good dress for summer. It does have cut out sides and back which can't be seen in these photos but I wore a bralet underneath.

With the rings I'm not sure where they are from as I have such a big random selection of rings but I figured I'd pair this dress with the big ring which shines nice different colours in the light as that goes perfectly with the dress and I also put on the daisy ring to add a bit of cuteness to the outfit.

Dress: Romwe
Rings: Random Selection

August Wishlist

I figured as it's my birthday this month (In 4 Days) and I'm a little late to do July Favourites I'd do a August Wishlist post. So here are some of the things I'd love to buy this month and thing's I'm really loving at the moment. As you can tell from the list I'm still really into pastel colours and metallics. 


Miss Selfridge                                            Topshop

H&M                                                                                  H&M

Boohoo                                                 Blackfive          

Boohoo                                               Boohoo 

Romwe                                                  Romwe


                    Aldo                                                            Nasty Gal

Bershka                                                         Bershka 

H&M                                                                         H&M


Romwe                                                  Missguided


Topman                                                     Route One 

Fashion Union                                  Fashion Union

What are on your wishlists this month?