Outfit Of The Day: Wonderland

Today's outfit features a top from Unknown, some shorts from eBay and a double ring also from eBay.

The top I bought a while ago so I'm not actually sure where it's from but I love the pattern on the front as well as the colours. I like how the top is netted so it gives a really cool effect and keeps me cool in the warm weather.

The shorts are from eBay and again are really super cheap just like most of my wardrobe. They are a really cool silver colour and as I'm loving metallics at the moment they are perfect. They are a really great size and are good for summer which is sadly coming to an end. Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in me starting to do eBay bargains posts or something similar.

The ring is a random ring I got from eBay. I love how unique it looks as I haven't seen anything similar around. I usually have trouble finding double rings which fit two of my fingers but this one seems to work well. I'm also loving really chunky rings too at the minute and my collection is slowly growing.

As you can tell my hair has faded super quickly in a few weeks but I trying to decide whether to dye it blue again like this to make it brighter or leave it and dye the rest of my hair a pastel pink. Let me know in the comments below what you think would look good.

Top: Unknown
Shorts: eBay
Ring: eBay
Hair dye: Bleach London

If you could have any hair colour what would it be?


  1. Super cute look dear... great short, great tee and great rings!

  2. Your hair is amazing <3

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

  3. Amazing metallic shorts!

  4. Those shorts are amazingn!


  5. Hey,
    I really like your Blog, you have interesting stuff on it! Do you want to follow each other via GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin? If yes please follow me and tell me that you followed me.. Then i follow back.

    Greetings and Kisses from Germany

  6. I'm loving the dip-dye hair. I wish I can get that color but it only really works for blonde hair I think. Mine is a bit too dark. By the way, your shorts are wonderful! I love it!

    Keep in touch!
    Jen xx

  7. I love your hair!

    I am following you now via GFC and Fashiolista! :)

    can I ask you, do you get anything for the ads in your sidebar? :)