Outfit Of The Day: Pastel Pikachu

Today's outfit features a ombre jacket from Freak Of Nature, a Pikachu skirt from Romwe and an acid crop top from H&M.

The top I couldn't find another picture of but it's just a very simple acid wash dark blue crop top from H&M. It's a good summer top but could also be worn in other seasons with layering.

This Freak Of Nature jacket is in absolutely gorgeous colours and was an insta buy as soon as I saw it. It's in the bomber jacket style which is also something I really like and has this amazing print on the back shown in the picture below. It's a really nice silky material too and will be very good for the upcoming autumn weather. 

This is the cool unique print on the back of the jacket.  

The skirt came from Romwe and again was another insta buy as I LOVE Pokemon so much and Pikachu is one of my favourites. It's a nice bodycon skirt and can be worn high waisted or not depending on what you like. 

Crop Top: H&M
Skirt: Romwe

Do you think I should continue with this new style of outfit posts with the product picture? and What is your favourite Pokemon? 

August Favourites

Today's post is my August Favourites. All the things I've been loving in August as well as some new things I bought last month.


First up is this green sequin dress from H&M. I'm in love with all the green sequin clothing I've seen around so I just had to get one and this one from H&M looks great and fits great too.

Next up is this Galaxy sweater from Romwe. If you know me then you know I'm OBSESSED with anything Galaxy print and I've been really wanting a galaxy print jumper to go with the rest of my galaxy collection so when this jumper went on sale I had to get it. I'm not too keen on the Starbucks part of the print but I still love the sweater.

I've been wanting a kimono for around 2 years now and I finally own one! I got this one for my birthday from New Look and it's perfect for what I wanted. It's a lot brighter colour than the picture shows and it feels great to wear even if the hot weather is coming to an end.

This shorts I've had a while but only got around to wearing them lately. Again I'm a lover of metallic clothing and these shorts just bring a unique look to any outfit. 

East Knitting

East Knitting

East Knitting

These last 3 items are all the same crop vest tops in different prints from East Knitting on Aliexpress. I've been looking at their stuff for a while as they are a cheap replica of Black Milk Clothing who's prints I love. I decided to get a Deathly Hallows print, a galaxy print (No surprise there!) and a unique elephant print. As they have no tags in them I wear them backwards so that I can have a higher cut neck so they are very versatile items and I got them for £1.50 each so definitely a great bargain.

East Knitting

This top is also from East Knitting but I wanted a sleeved crop too and I love this one in Tartan as again I'm a lover of Tartan print and this was also super cheap at around £2. I forgot to mention that the material of all these items have a super silky feel so they feel great against your skin. They are not super see through like a lot of cheap replicas which is also great for the price.

Another all over print sweater from Romwe now. This time a Hogwarts castle print from the final Harry Potter film. I love the colours used and this sweater really stands out and looks unique. It also feels super soft and warm for such another cheap bargain.

This dress from Romwe is just in an amazing colour scheme. The colours look so good together especially with my green hair at the minute. It also feels super silky and great against my skin. I'm not too sure on the cut out parts at the side but I tend to wear a little vest or something underneath so not too much is on show.

These shorts are what I've been wanting to buy for over a year and I finally got them. I've been wearing them non stop all month and I just love how they are distressed. They also aren't super short which I find a problem with for most shorts as my bum doesn't hang out in these. Another great thing about these shorts are that they fit me perfectly which is something I find difficult with jeans and shorts.

Of course I had to feature the holographic skirt from Romwe. It's just a beautiful skirt in a lovely holographic print and shines some very lovely colours. I've featured this in an outfit post already but I might even include it in some more as I just love it so much.


I won these shoes from the very lovely girl over at MeenaMeansMe (Go check out her blog) and they are absolutely amazing. They are huge platforms and I plan on featuring them in an outfit post very soon so keep a look out.

I bought these silver sandals in the Debenhams sale at the very start of August. They caught my eye because of the white sole and the metallic body which is something of a running theme throughout my blog as you may have noticed. These are super comfortable and because of the front platform make it seem like you aren't even wearing heels which is great.

Another great pair of shoes from La Moda. They just have a great selection. These boots are just beautiful and crazy at the same time. Again with the running theme of platforms and white. I also plan to feature these in an outfit post very soon.


Yes the same pair of sunglasses but in two different colours. I love round sunglasses and I have a load of similar ones. These are my favourites of the month though. They are huge and definitely stand out. 

If you have been around my blog lately you will have noticed this pendant of my favourite necklace. Of all the necklaces I own this is my current favourite and I wear it all the time. I'm definitely planning to get the same one in a number of colours.

This one I haven't actually received yet but I know when I get it I'm going to be wearing it loads as I've been looking for a coin necklace for a while and this super cheap and nice looking one came along and I just had to get it. It would look great with most outfits. 


Of course Catching Fire had to be in my favourites this month. I watched it again and I just love it and I am eagerly awaiting the first part of Mockingjay as I reread that again this month too.

Ender's Game is another film I re-watched and loved this month. Even though they left a lot out from the book I definitely really enjoyed the film and I plan on reading the book again as well as the rest of the series.

TV Shows 

A TV show I've been loving this month is Under The Dome originally a book by Stephen King. I've been really enjoying the mysterious story of this show. Basically a town get's trapped under a dome and have to find a way out while surviving inside the dome while a number of mysterious things happen.


And last but not least my favourite song at the minute is definitely Black Widow by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. On first listen I was a little disappointed by the big build up and then no drop but after listening again I got obsessed with it and I now love it to the point where it's on repeat and I've found remixes of it I really like too. (It's just come on shuffle on iTunes as I'm typing this)

What are your favourite things of the month of August?