Outfit Of The Day: Someone's Birthday

Today's outfit features a dress from Glamour Empire, a necklace from Lycidas Jewelry, a bracelet from Inbar Shahak and a set of rings from Prickly Hearts

This dress is from a shop called Glamour Empire and is this amazing mint green colour which is one of my favourite colours. The material of this dress feels amazing, sort of silky in a way and it is quite heavy material which I really like when it comes to dresses. It is quite low cut which is not something I usually go for but with this dress it isn't too far down so that I can still wear something underneath.

This necklace is from Lycidas Jewelry. She has lots of jewelry similar to this with the feathers and the crystals which was what originally drew me to her shop as I have not seen any jewelry like this before. I'm really loving feathers on jewelry at the minute as well as chunky crystals so this necklace is perfect for that.

This bracelet is from Inbar Shahak and has this really cool cut out detail which represents a leaf shape. I used to prefer silver jewelry but lately I'm really into gold which is quite evident with the jewelry theme of this outfit. The cool thing about this bracelet is that it has a chain on the back so that you can adjust how tight you want it so that is actually fits. 

These rings are from Prickly Hearts and they are very simple gold stacking rings. I've been seeing these types of stacking rings around for a while so I thought I'd give them a shot and they did not disappoint as they actually go with pretty much every ring I own. I actually think I'm wearing these wrong though as I think the swirls are meant to be facing the back but I like how it looks like this.

Mint Dress: * Glamour Empire
Feather Necklace: * Lycidas Jewelry
Gold Bangle: * Inbar Shahak
Gold Rings: * Prickly Hearts

Outfit Of The Day: Fluffy Parties

Today's outfit features a fluffy cardigan from Primark, a colourful skirt from MRP, a floral bag from Forever New, two necklaces & a ring from Creda Renee and a ring from Silver Jewellery Plus.

The cardigan is this very fluffy number from Primark. I randomly picked this up while I was aimlessly walking through Primark which I tend to do a lot as it was on sale and was exactly the type of thing I've been looking for in general, it is quite oversized and makes me look bigger than I am but it is so warm and the fluff is so soft on my skin. Another issue I have with this cardigan though is it malts everywhere but is definitely the kind of thing which goes with everything.

The skirt is this amazing colourful printed piece from MRP which I bought while I was in South Africa in December. Like I've mentioned before MRP is sort of South Africa's version of Primark except you can buy online worldwide. This was an instant buy as soon as I saw it. For only £3 this skirt incorporated my favourite type of print and colours and it is the most amazing skirt I have ever seen. It fits perfectly on my waist and hips too which is usually quite difficult to find. 

These necklaces are both from Creda Renee. Her jewelry is so amazing and incorporates really great colours and crystals and is a definite favourite shop of mine for how many pieces I love. The first piece is this purple druzy choker style necklace which just looks great. I really love the placement of the crystal and this is exactly the sort of necklace style I'm loving at the minute. The second piece is this blue gem crystal long necklace. I wasn't too sure about pairing these pieces together at first but when I saw them on I decided I loved them together. The blue is such a pretty shade and the crystal has a sort of roughness to it which isn't noticeable on first glance but really adds to the piece.

The druzy ring on the left is also a piece from Creda Renee. Again it fits with the druzy crystal theme and has a very pretty creamy colouring. This sort of ring will go with anything so I can definitely get my wear out of it and I will be wearing it a lot. 

The other ring on the right is from Silver Jewellery Plus and is this great leaf wrap shape in silver with a brown pearly bead. I love the style of this as well as the shape and it really adds to any outfit. This shop sells quite a few rings which definitely have a unique sense to them that I have not seen before in jewelry.

This bag is from an Australian shop called Forever New which again I bought while I was in South Africa. We were constantly in their store as it is my cousins favourite and I noticed this is one of their signature prints which is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colouring and the fact that the chain can be taken off to make it into a clutch bag. I definitely keep an eye out on their website a lot as they sell loads of really pretty colourful clothing and accessories.

Fluffy Cardigan: Primark
Black T-Shirt: Primark
Colourful Skirt: MRP
Clutch Bag: Forever New
Necklaces & Druzy Ring: * Creda Renee
Leaf Ring: * Silver Jewellery Plus

What is your favourite piece from this outfit?

Outfit Of The Day: Alice In Wonderland

Today's outfit features a crop top from Le Mouton Bleu, a floral skirt from Shani Blumenfeld, a yellow clutch bag from Lotses Of Foxes, a druzy necklace & black bracelet from A2B Jewelry and a teacup & spoon necklace from Teacup Castle.

This top is from Le Mouton Bleu which has this very cool unique print of cutlery which represents Alice In Wonderland which is a big theme throughout this outfit. Another unique thing about this top is the fringe sleeves which remind me of the material you find on curtains which is something I really love about this top. They sell very different clothing which has very interesting details.

The skirt is from Shani Blumenfeld and has this very pretty floral print with gorgeous colours. What's great about this skirt is that the waist is small but stretchy which means that it will fit to wherever you want to wear it whether that be high waisted or sitting on your hips, I personally tend to wear skirts high waisted. It is also the perfect length as it is not too short as I find with some high waisted skirts.  

The first of the necklaces in this outfit is this teacup & spoon double layered necklace from Teacup Castle. It is super cute and dainty which means it can be paired with anything and fits well with this outfit theme as it is Alice In Wonderland themed. They sell other themed jewelry such as Sailor Moon and Harry Potter too.

The other necklace is this black chunky druzy necklace from A2B Jewelry. I'm in love with anything druzy and I figured I would choose this black one as it would go with everything I wear. They sell lots of these types of druzy necklaces in all different colours so I'm definitely going to keep an eye out on this shop.

The Bracelet is also from A2B Jewelry and goes so well with the druzy necklace. It has cracked style beads and a crystal feature bead which looks great against your wrist whether it be worn on it's own or stacked with other bracelets.

This yellow clutch bag is from Lotses Of Foxes. It's a very great colour as I have loved all things yellow so far this year even if it is winter. This bag also comes with a chain strap if you want to wear it as a shoulder bag or an across body bag. I currently don't own too many bags so this is definitely a really great addition to my collection. 

Alice Top: * Le Mouton Bleu
Floral Skirt: * Shani Blumenfeld
Yellow Clutch: * Lotses Of Foxes
Druzy Necklace & Black Bracelet: * A2B Jewelry
Teacup & Spoon Necklace: * Teacup Castle

Which is your favourite piece from this outfit?

Kawaii Fashion

I've been loving Kawaii Fashion for years now so I thought it was about time I talked a little about it on my blog as I haven't really mentioned it before but I've had elements of it in previous posts (See: Pastel Pikachu, Holographic Layers & Over The Rainbow) nowadays even my hair tends to be Kawaii style. I'm constantly looking through StoreEnvy for stores that specialise in this type of clothing and I came across this one called Milk Club. It's a little bit different to some of the other stores I've come across in that it mostly sells thrifted wear from Asian countries, so basically anything I can't find from my own country. Below are a few of my favourite items they sell that I feel represent my taste in Kawaii Fashion well.

Triple Eggs Sweater                                                 Lazy Techno Sweatshirt

Onigiri Sweater                                                           Baby Oil Sweater

Milk, Ganbatte!                                                                 Cactus Tee

Mahou Shouju Tutu Skater Skirts

Ice Cream                                                                            Unicorn

Holographic Platform Shoes                                            Babe Pink Jellies

Milk Socks                                                               Fried Egg Bag

Use code " SunsetDesires " to get 5% off every order

Which is your favourite item from this list? and do you like Kawaii Fashion?

Outfit Of The Day: Fluffy Winters

Today's outfit features a plain black top from Primark, a fluffy skirt from StyleMoi, layered necklaces from Boho Yoga Jewelry, a clutch bag from DB Illustrations and a crystal bracelet from Bit X Brown.

The skirt is this amazing fluffy creamy white skirt from StyleMoi. It is such a great skirt for Winter as it kept me super warm. It was slightly too small for me though but I still managed to get in. I just love every single item of clothing StyleMoi offers as they sell really great street style clothing.

The top is just this plain black long sleeved top from Primark. It was super cheap and one of the only basics I own. It goes with literally everything in my wardrobe and also keeps me really warm in winter when I layer it under other clothing.

These necklaces are by Boho Yoga Jewelry and they feature a coin one, a yoga symbol and a sharks tooth. I'm definitely getting more into stacking jewelry and this seems to be my first step. My dad even mentioned how much he liked these compared to all my other jewelry. They sell tons of different types of these necklaces which can be layered any way you choose.

The bracelet is this amazing bangle style with a chunky crystal which is tied on by string and is by Bit X Brown. I really love how it is tied on with blue string and it gives it a really unique touch and also makes it stand out more. 

This clutch bag has a really amazing illustration on by an artist called Deborah Ballinger. She runs a shop called DB Illustrations where this was from. I love the different animals featured as well as the pop of pinky red of the flowers. It is quite a padded bag so if you ever drop it with your phone in it will definitely keep it safe. 

Fluffy Skirt: * StyleMoi
Black Top: Primark
Layered Necklaces: * Boho Yoga Jewelry
Crystal Bracelet: * Bit X Brown
Clutch Bag: * DB Illustrations

Batel Boutique Giveaway

My second ever giveaway is here! This time I am giving away a 30 voucher to spend at Batel Boutique thanks to owner of the brand Batel. She stocks very pretty, girly clothing such as the items below which are a few of my favourites from her store which you could get with the voucher if you win. She features some great colours in her store such as pastels, pinks and classic little black dresses. 

Maxi Halter Dress                                         Maxi Two Piece

Stripy Two Piece                                         Two Piece Crop Set

Lace Crop Top                                            Tulle Midi Skirt

This giveaway is open worldwide, to enter please use the Rafflecopter widget below. The winner will be announced via my blog once the giveaway is over.

Congratulations to Valerie Theberge for winning the $30 Echo Paul Giveaway.

What is your favourite item from Batel Boutique?

* This giveaway is sponsored by Batel Boutique. All opinions are my own.

Outfit Of The Day: Sequin Shine

Today's outfit features a pink leather jacket from Select, a green crop top from Jay Jay's, a pair of colourful sequin jeans from StyleMoi and a necklace from Bright Pin Design.

The jacket is from Select and is an amazing pink colour. I originally wanted a lighter pink but I saw this and I decided to get this over the other versions I'd seen and I'm so glad I did as I'm in love with this shade of pink. It is a faux leather and It's also really comfortable.

The green crop top is from a shop called Jay Jays which I got while I was in South Africa. The shop is actually Australian but I'd noticed they have quite a few Australian shops there. It is basically just a simple crop t-shirt. The colour of this top is definitely one of my favourite all time colours and as I type this I realise I'm wearing both my favourite colours in the top part of this outfit.

How amazing are these jeans from StyleMoi!? I saw them around 6 months ago and I fell instantly in love, fast forward 6 months and I finally own them. I'm not sure how much wear I'll actually get out of them but they are gorgeous. From the multicoloured sequins to the rips and the high waisted style mom jeans, they are just perfection. These jeans are literally made for me.

This necklace is from a shop called Bright Pin Design , they specialise in statement chokers and here I have this galaxy in a bottle necklace which basically looks like the galaxy print using the colours pink and purple which go so well together. This is a really cute necklace which could definitely be worn with several others to stack them.

Leather Jacket: Select
Crop Top: Jay Jay's
Sequin Jeans: * StyleMoi
Necklace: * Bright Pin Design

ROSAvelt's Lace & Silk Collection

Today's post is a wishlist post featuring two of ROSAvelt's collections. The silk and the lace collection. For starters I've always loved lace, it's one of those styles which never goes out of fashion and always looks really pretty. The silk collection is more about bright unique prints which is something I've been interested in featuring more in my wardrobe lately and these gorgeous prints are so tempting. They incorporate amazing colours.  I've picked out a few of my favourite items from both collections on their website to show in this post starting with the silk collection.   


Floral Printed Silk Dress                           Abstract Printed Silk Dress

The colours in both these dresses are absolutely amazing. I love clashing and mixing colours like this and my favourite of these two is definitely the short sleeved dress as it looks more like paint splatters which is something I've always been drawn to along with the more cinched in waist.

I love both the prints on these trousers and cannot decide which is my favourite as I have reasons for both. I love the night sky like print of the first one which reminds me of stars and constellations and the darker colour but I also love the tye dye of the other pair as well as the higher waist.


Red Lace Backless Dress                     Yellow Crochet Lace Dress

Now onto the lace collection. Both of these colours are gorgeous and my favourite has got to be the red one. I've always loved red dresses especially when they are lace but the yellow one is also beautiful with it's crochet patterning.

Sleeveless White Lace Top                       Sleeveless Black Lace Top

Finally we have the two lace tops. I think my favourite has to be the black one as I prefer the pattern of the lace but I easily love both and these could go with a wide range of different outfits.

Which is your favourite collection? What is your favourite item from that collection?

* This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Outfit Of The Day: Tartan Nights

Today's outfit features a tartan two piece from Glamour By DKUK and a gold boho necklace from Moozoo.

This amazing tartan two piece is from Glamour By DKUK which is a new shop on Etsy who you should definitely check out if you are into this kind of clothing as she has a really great selection. I have a huge interest in both two pieces and tartan so when I saw this I was instantly attracted to trying it. There is just something about how cool I feel wearing two pieces, strange I know but I'm not sure what it is. I could of probably accessorised this more with some rings but I quite like the simplicity of less jewelry with such a stand out outfit.

The necklace is from an online shop called Moozoo which is a very cool name. They stock a range of very fashion foward clothing and jewelry with a cute Kawaii flair with various colourful prints and patterns. (Use code " insta15" for a discount) I've really been into Boho looking jewelry lately and have been wanting to try some and I'm in love with this statement piece which is a great choice. This is definitely my first step into boho/statement jewelry obsession. 

Tartan Two Piece: * Glamour By DKUK
Gold Necklace: * Moozoo