Outfit Of The Day: Fluffy Parties

Today's outfit features a fluffy cardigan from Primark, a colourful skirt from MRP, a floral bag from Forever New, two necklaces & a ring from Creda Renee and a ring from Silver Jewellery Plus.

The cardigan is this very fluffy number from Primark. I randomly picked this up while I was aimlessly walking through Primark which I tend to do a lot as it was on sale and was exactly the type of thing I've been looking for in general, it is quite oversized and makes me look bigger than I am but it is so warm and the fluff is so soft on my skin. Another issue I have with this cardigan though is it malts everywhere but is definitely the kind of thing which goes with everything.

The skirt is this amazing colourful printed piece from MRP which I bought while I was in South Africa in December. Like I've mentioned before MRP is sort of South Africa's version of Primark except you can buy online worldwide. This was an instant buy as soon as I saw it. For only £3 this skirt incorporated my favourite type of print and colours and it is the most amazing skirt I have ever seen. It fits perfectly on my waist and hips too which is usually quite difficult to find. 

These necklaces are both from Creda Renee. Her jewelry is so amazing and incorporates really great colours and crystals and is a definite favourite shop of mine for how many pieces I love. The first piece is this purple druzy choker style necklace which just looks great. I really love the placement of the crystal and this is exactly the sort of necklace style I'm loving at the minute. The second piece is this blue gem crystal long necklace. I wasn't too sure about pairing these pieces together at first but when I saw them on I decided I loved them together. The blue is such a pretty shade and the crystal has a sort of roughness to it which isn't noticeable on first glance but really adds to the piece.

The druzy ring on the left is also a piece from Creda Renee. Again it fits with the druzy crystal theme and has a very pretty creamy colouring. This sort of ring will go with anything so I can definitely get my wear out of it and I will be wearing it a lot. 

The other ring on the right is from Silver Jewellery Plus and is this great leaf wrap shape in silver with a brown pearly bead. I love the style of this as well as the shape and it really adds to any outfit. This shop sells quite a few rings which definitely have a unique sense to them that I have not seen before in jewelry.

This bag is from an Australian shop called Forever New which again I bought while I was in South Africa. We were constantly in their store as it is my cousins favourite and I noticed this is one of their signature prints which is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colouring and the fact that the chain can be taken off to make it into a clutch bag. I definitely keep an eye out on their website a lot as they sell loads of really pretty colourful clothing and accessories.

Fluffy Cardigan: Primark
Black T-Shirt: Primark
Colourful Skirt: MRP
Clutch Bag: Forever New
Necklaces & Druzy Ring: * Creda Renee
Leaf Ring: * Silver Jewellery Plus

What is your favourite piece from this outfit?


  1. Pretty skirt, such a great print. Also love that purse. Great outfit.


  2. Beautiful skirt and purse...

  3. Looking Cute!!!


  4. The skirt looks amazing!

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  5. Lovely look!!!! nice skirt!!!
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  6. I like your outfit very much. I immediately fell in love with your skirt! I wondered if you would like to follow each other via GFC and Instagram. Let me know on my blog. That would be really awesome! :) Have a nice week! :)

  7. Cute skirt and I love the fluffy cardigan x

  8. Amazing skirt! Cute outfit.

    Jenn from jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Woah! Love your skirt, never seen anything like it! I also love your rings!



  10. I love the Bag

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