Outfit Of The Day: Tartan Nights

Today's outfit features a tartan two piece from Glamour By DKUK and a gold boho necklace from Moozoo.

This amazing tartan two piece is from Glamour By DKUK which is a new shop on Etsy who you should definitely check out if you are into this kind of clothing as she has a really great selection. I have a huge interest in both two pieces and tartan so when I saw this I was instantly attracted to trying it. There is just something about how cool I feel wearing two pieces, strange I know but I'm not sure what it is. I could of probably accessorised this more with some rings but I quite like the simplicity of less jewelry with such a stand out outfit.

The necklace is from an online shop called Moozoo which is a very cool name. They stock a range of very fashion foward clothing and jewelry with a cute Kawaii flair with various colourful prints and patterns. (Use code " insta15" for a discount) I've really been into Boho looking jewelry lately and have been wanting to try some and I'm in love with this statement piece which is a great choice. This is definitely my first step into boho/statement jewelry obsession. 

Tartan Two Piece: * Glamour By DKUK
Gold Necklace: * Moozoo


  1. Love tartran with that amazing necklace!

  2. Amazing outfit, I love tartan!
    Un beso
    Marta de www.yournegativity.blogspot.com

  3. always lovely!

  4. I love this outfit! The tartan two piece with the necklace is amazing!

  5. Superb outfit!!!


  6. I really love this type of tartan and the two piece looks fantastic (:

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope | youtube

  7. I love this tartan pencil skirt and top! <3