Outfit Of The Day: Spring Colours + Giveaway

Today's outfit features a floral sweatshirt from SheInside, a green skirt from Primark, tote bag from The Blogger Programme, tattoo tights from Tatul, sunglasses from Diff Eyewear and gold rings from Experimental Jewellery Club & Orelia.

First up we have this amazing pink floral sweatshirt from SheInside. I've had my eye on this sweatshirt even since it first appeared on their website and I finally own it now. It has this very stand out print which is roses. It is definitely a really good item for the upcoming spring weather as there is still a chill in the air but it has warmed up quite a bit. 

The skirt is another of my amazing bargains at Primark. It was only £1. I go in there a lot hoping to find more items in the £1 sale and it never fails me. This time I only came out with this green skirt which is a really amazing bright colour and again will be a really great item for spring.

These tights are from Tatul and they are in this tattoo style which is something I'm really into lately as I am too much of a wuss to get an actual tattoo so I just like to experiment with tattoo tights and temporary tattoos (which I will be featuring soon). This pair features a deer, a wolf and a bear. I love wolves and deers on anything and I'm always drawn to tattoos which feature these two animals.

This first set of rings is these cute cat ear ones from Experimental Jewellery Club. I am giving away a set of these further down this post so make sure to enter that for a chance to win a set. They are quite dainty and look great when stacked up with other rings. I'm definitely more into stacking rings lately.

I've paired them with this set from Orelia. These ones are in a teardrop shape and a triple layer ring. They again are stacking types and look great mixed with these others. I especially love the teardrop one as I love teardrop shapes and it fits as a above knuckle ring which is a type I need more of.

I paired this outfit with this tote bag I got from being a part of The Blogger Programme. It's definitely a great website if you are a blogger looking to work with brands or even a brand looking to work with bloggers.

These sunglasses are from Diff Eyewear and I absolutely adore them. They have this amazing lighter flecked frame from the brown of the rest of the frames. They came packaged with this case which is definitely good protection when carrying them around in a bag. I love the shape of them as well.

Last up we have these Peppersmith mints. This flavour is the classic peppermint flavour and they taste great. They are definitely good for carrying around in your bag for after you have ate. They are quite different from other mints as they are sweetened with Xylitol instead of sugar so they are a lot better for your teeth.  

Floral Jumper: * SheInside
Green Skirt: Primark
Tattoo Tights: * Tatul
Teardrop & Triple Ring: * Orelia via Etailpr
Sunglasses: * Diff Eyewear

Now time for the giveaway. I'm giving away a set of two gold cat ear rings from Experimental Jewellery Club to one lucky winner. To enter all you have to do is fill in any of the entries on the Rafflecopter form below. Open to everyone worldwide.

This giveaway is sponsored by Experimental Jewellery Club. All opinions are my own.

Spring 2015 Trends

Todays post is going to be about spring trends and what I hope is big this spring. I will be featuring other bloggers outfits and will be using clothes from the website StyleMoi as they have such a huge amazing selection of clothing which I find myself browsing a lot.

The first outfit is from a blog called Frank Vinyl and the outfit is called 90's Child which features this simple cut out black top and this amazing red velvet maxi skirt. I feel maxi skirts are going to be big in spring this year especially ones as interesting as this velvet one. She also paired it with some Dr Martens in a black/red ombre style which look great with this outfit and of course some sunglasses.

This second outfit is from a blogger called Ebba Zingmark and the outfit is called Uberall. I find myself on her blog quite a lot as she has many great outfit posts. This outfit features a grey long sleeve top, some black overalls in this coated denim effect and a black lace bralet which can only just be seen underneath. I love overalls as they always seem to be big in spring and summer.

The third outfit is from a blog called Jointy & Croissanty which is another I tend to read a lot and this outfit is called Baby Blue Biker Jacket which of course features a blue neoprene biker jacket, a plain grey skirt and a T-shirt with red writing. Biker jackets are big all year round and will continue to be a big trend into spring. This isn't your classic leather biker jacket though as it is neoprene which is definitely an interesting change.

The next outfit is from a blog called K Meets Style and is callec The Not So Minimal Playsuit. The playsuit is definitely not minimal and has this amazing floral print in pink,blue and purple colours which will be great for late spring into summer. This outfit also includes a small shoulder clutch bag in a pastel colour.

The fifth outfit is from Baby's On Fire and is named Magic. This outfit would be great for early spring when the weather has not quite warmed up yet but looks great with pastel colours which always make a huge comeback in spring. It features a fluffy nude jacket, this sweatshirt with an amazing deer print in blue and pink, a peach skirt, light coloured tights and this cute star bag. 


The sixth outfit is from Dora D Love and is called Stars Stripes & Stairs. This features the monochrome stripes trend which tends to be a big trend throughout winter but also comes into play in spring. She is wearing a leather biker jacket which I mentioned above is also a spring trend paired with this stripy two piece. I love any kind of two piece and this one really stands out.

Last but definitely not least is this outfit from Brittany Bao called Bled White. This is my favourite outfit from all the ones I have selected which is why I have left it until last. She is one of my favourite bloggers to read as she has such great taste in clothing. This outfit featured the boho trend which I've only recently started loving and will definitely be incorporating some boho into my spring summer outfits. She is wearing this amazing maxi lace sheer dress with a black bralet underneath and a pair of black high waisted shorts. She has also paired it with some super high white platform heels and this boho style hat.

What is your favourite outfit?

Mother's Day Flowers

Today's post is something a little different. As it's Mother's Day this Sunday (15th March) for the UK anyway, I figured I'd do a post featuring flower bouquets as that tends to be the general theme for Mother's Day and I know my mum loves flowers. The website I will be featuring is called iFlorist and they specialise in a range of flowers for various occasions including Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Babies or any sort of celebration. They even do gift sets so you can buy your gifts all in one place. I'm going to be talking a little about my favourite Mother's Day flowers from their site.

The first set is this gorgeous pink set called Cherub Pink which feature pink roses, green carnations and pink tulips as well as lush green foliage. I love this set because well they are pink and who doesn't love pink? I think from all the sets I have chosen for this post my mum would like these ones the most as she loves pink roses and it is a pretty big bunch.

This next set is my favourite from the lot and this one is called Colour Burst. You can probably tell why it's my favourite as I love mixing bright colours so this set is perfect for me as the contrast of these colours look great together. This set features roses, germini, carnations and chrysanthemums in a range of amazing colours including hot pink, lime green, cobalt blue, orange and yellow. If your mum likes brighter colours then this one is definitely the best choice for her.

This next one is another pink set called Rose & Lily Bouquet which includes of course roses and stargazer lilies as well as eucalyptus foliage in these pretty pink and green tones. I absolutely love lillies especially these type as they look so pretty. This set also includes a box of chocolates for a limited time so if your mum has a sweet tooth and loves lillies this one is a great choice.

This fourth set is another rose one this time called Rose Garden. It includes all roses in a range of pretty summer colours including peach, cream, yellow, orange, cerise and more which will definitely make you forget about the cold weather outside right now. I really think the yellow and pink look great together.

This next set is a little simpler now if you enjoy something a little more subdued. This set is called Soignee and features stargazer lillies, a load of eucalyptus foliage and lilac roses. This set also comes with spiral willow branches which make it a little more wild but keep it simple at the same time. 

Last but not least we have the White Orchid Gift Bag which you guessed it features orchids. This is again a very simple flower and would look good in any setting. It comes in this green felt bag which really gives it a unique twist and makes is stand out.

What is your favourite flower set from this list?

Outfit Of The Day: Dreams

Today's outfit features a white dress from SheInside, a blue bag from H! by Henry Holland @ Debenhams, a necklace from Plaid Candy and a ring from Invisigle

This dress is a really pretty skater skirt style dress from SheInside with this crystal print that is in lovely colours which definitely stands out and is quite unique as I have not seen any other dress like this. It's a very heavy material which I have mentioned I like in dresses before and the shape on the bottom is really pretty and girly. 

This is a back view of the dress which shows it is backless into a point at the waist. This also shows off more of the print on the bottom and the colours.

This necklace is from Plaid Candy and features two of my favourite colours, The blue and pink mix so well together and definitely match with this outfit. I love the cut outs of this necklace as well as the triple layered feature which looks great. This type of necklace is definitely a specialty of this shop as she sells a bunch of necklaces in this cut out style with various colour mixes. 

This bag is this amazing pastel blue lip bag from H! by Henry Holland @ Debenhams. I saw this a few times when I've been in their store and wanted it each time but only ended up buying it when I saw it on sale for a very cheap price. I love H! by Henry Holland as he uses colour so well and has really unique prints. This bag is definitely an eye catcher.

This ring is from Invisigle. I love any jewelry which features a moon in any way so this is perfect for me especially as it has a crystal which shines different colours when the light hits it. I also love the shade of silver the ring is as it looks great worn and reminds me of boho jewelry.

White Dress: * SheInside
Cut Out Necklace: * Plaid Candy
Moon Ring: * Invisigle

Which item from this outfit is your favourite?