Outfit Of The Day: Dreams

Today's outfit features a white dress from SheInside, a blue bag from H! by Henry Holland @ Debenhams, a necklace from Plaid Candy and a ring from Invisigle

This dress is a really pretty skater skirt style dress from SheInside with this crystal print that is in lovely colours which definitely stands out and is quite unique as I have not seen any other dress like this. It's a very heavy material which I have mentioned I like in dresses before and the shape on the bottom is really pretty and girly. 

This is a back view of the dress which shows it is backless into a point at the waist. This also shows off more of the print on the bottom and the colours.

This necklace is from Plaid Candy and features two of my favourite colours, The blue and pink mix so well together and definitely match with this outfit. I love the cut outs of this necklace as well as the triple layered feature which looks great. This type of necklace is definitely a specialty of this shop as she sells a bunch of necklaces in this cut out style with various colour mixes. 

This bag is this amazing pastel blue lip bag from H! by Henry Holland @ Debenhams. I saw this a few times when I've been in their store and wanted it each time but only ended up buying it when I saw it on sale for a very cheap price. I love H! by Henry Holland as he uses colour so well and has really unique prints. This bag is definitely an eye catcher.

This ring is from Invisigle. I love any jewelry which features a moon in any way so this is perfect for me especially as it has a crystal which shines different colours when the light hits it. I also love the shade of silver the ring is as it looks great worn and reminds me of boho jewelry.

White Dress: * SheInside
Cut Out Necklace: * Plaid Candy
Moon Ring: * Invisigle

Which item from this outfit is your favourite?


  1. Great choice of accessories , they compliment the look really well , and the little lip bag is just too cute 👄 x

  2. You look gorgeous in this sexy dress and I really love the accessories. Wonderful :)


  3. very cute outfit, love it :)
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  4. Gorgeous dress! And I love the mix of pastels :)

    Kisses, Kali
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  5. the dress is fabulous!
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  6. The Dress is Beautiful

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  7. The dress is beautiful! The bag is perfect!
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  8. Cute bag :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr

  9. I adore your dress! And the necklace, and the bag! Everything! You look amazing! :)


  10. What a lovely dress! Love the matching necklace too :)


  11. Wonderful outfit, love the colours!


  12. That bag is so cute!

    Love the jacket, such a nice colour.

    Helen x