Trend: Blazer Outfit Inspiration

Today's post is my monthly StyleMoi one. I have so much fun doing these StyleMoi ones. This time I'm featuring Blazers and giving some outfit inspirations to wear them with. I've tried to use a different range of pieces for each one so let me know which is your favourite in the comments below as each are named after a member of my family.

Outfit 1: Louise

Outfit 2: Gemma

Outfit 3: Ellie

Outfit 4: Abbie

Outfit 5: Lea

Outfit 6: Mae

Outfit 7: Kerry

Outfit 8: Linda

Which outfit is your favourite?

Mid April Wishlist

 Today's post is going to be my Mid April Wishlist. This was supposed to go up at the beginning of April but it didn't happen hence the name of this post. This month I'm really loving Boho style clothing from fringes to bell bottoms and even fedora hats. I'm also loving anything sequin as I usually am and I'm really into playsuits as well as sunglasses right now. All of those things are included in this list.


Pink Biker Jacket                              Tie Dye Playsuit

Beige Fringe Playsuit                            Paisley Bell Bottoms

Floral Playsuit                                  Egg Sweatshirt

 Striped Off Shoulder Top                      Bright Pink Biker Jacket

White Star Cardigan                            Tie Dye Bell Bottoms


Knee High Suede Boots                         White Buckle Ankle Boots


Labradorite Necklace                            Moon Quartz Ring


Cat Eye Cream Sunglasses                            Tortoise Mirrored Sunglasses

Black Fedora Hat                                   Black Bowler Hat

Which is your favourite item from this wishlist?

Outfit Of The Day: Experimental Worlds

Today's outfit features a kimono from StyleMoi, a crop top from Kim Kyne, a skirt from Rejoice in Prints, a bag from Thai Handbags, necklace from Black Orchid & Co and a ring from Krizsilver.

This kimono is from StyleMoi and it is one of those items I've been eyeing for a while as I love the tie dye print aspect to it as well as the fact that it is quite oversized and will be great in summer on the cooler days plus it goes with pretty much anything which is always a good thing. 

This crop top is from Kim Kyne and is in this amazing mint green colour. It has a lacey texture which looks really pretty and the front zips up which is quite a unique aspect. This crop top will have a lot of use in summer by me with high waisted shorts and maybe different types of kimonos. 

The skirt is from a place called Rejoice in Prints. It's not my usual style but I thought I'd experiment a bit hence the title and I actually really like the prints and the colours featured on it. The skirt flows out to the side quite a lot which is something I really like about it.

This necklace is from Black Orchid & Co and is another experimental item but I really love it. It has this wire wrapped around it which make it look great and I love the way it's done. When I wear it again I'm definitely going to stack it up with more necklaces to see how that looks.

This ring is from a shop called Krizsilver and it is actually made from a vintage spoon created into this silver ring. It has these lovely floral patterns on and it is very unique as I have not seen anything like it before. It is slightly too big for me but I can remedy that by putting a really thin ring above it so it stays in place.

This bag is in this amazing print and is from Thai Handbags. They have a massive range of bags and other accessories from Thailand in really unique colourful prints. This bag is the perfect size for me and sits on my shoulder which is my favourite type of bag. I'm really starting to love colourful patterns like this so this couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Use code SUNSETDESIRES to get 20% off your order also be sure to check out their other website UpcycledStyles

Tie Dye Kimono: * StyleMoi
Mint Green Crop Top: * Kim Kyne
Pattern Skirt: * Rejoice in Prints
Shoulder Bag: * Thai Handbags
Necklace: * Black Orchid & Co
Ring: * Krizsilver

Let me know what you think to this experimental outfit.

Outfit Of The Day: Sun & Moon

Today's outfit features a fringe jacket, a sun & moon dress and a statement coin necklace all from StyleMoi.

I'd been wanting a fringe jacket for a while as fringe is now something I'm obsessed with and I came across this one from StyleMoi which was cheaper than any others I seen. I definitely made a good choice as the material feels so soft almost suede like and I love the colour I picked. It's definitely something I'm going to be wearing a lot of throughout the summer on the cooler days as there is a lot of those in England.

This dress is something I've had my eye on for a while as I've seen various versions of it around in different shops. It's the perfect length (not too short) and I just love the print on it. I feel it also goes with the overall theme of this outfit well.  

Another thing I'm obsessed with lately is big statement coin necklaces. They are so striking and really add something to any outfit. As you can see from the photo above this one has a extra long coin section which I need to fix but other that I absolutely love it. It doesn't feel heavy either which is great so that it doesn't weigh me down.

Fringe Jacket: * StyleMoi
Sun & Moon Dress: * StyleMoi
Coin Necklace: * StyleMoi

Wrappz Review

Today's post I'm going to be talking a little about the website Wrappz. They specialise in creating personalised phone cases and other items such as tablet cases, cushions, mugs and more. I'm just going to be concentrating on the phone cases for today. 

There is a range of different ways you can personalise the phone cases such as uploading one image or adding text as well as even adding up to six images on one of the cases. You can use any photo or image you have designed so the possibilities are endless. Below show some of the options available for complete personalised design. Click here to find the list of phone cases available. 

They also have some premade designs available for if you are just looking to buy a phone case and not design one yourself. A couple of designs I picked out are this sunflower one and this blue & pink bird one which in my opinion are really great designs that I would love to own.

They also have a couple of options to semi personalise such as changing your name like on the chevron design above or having a couple of names on this pink one I chose.

I had a play around with the personalisation tool to give you an idea of how it looks and how it works. I picked a couple of my favourite photos out which I have taken in the past to test this out and I think they turned out great.

As you can see this is what the personalisation tool looks like where you can edit the photos or text. You can change the scale of your photo as well as rotate it and even add effects to it. The design above is an edit I made of the Impala from Supernatural which is one of my favourite edits and I would love to get this on a phone case.

Use the code FBFAN20 to get 20% off your personalised phone case.