Outfit Of The Day: Experimental Worlds

Today's outfit features a kimono from StyleMoi, a crop top from Kim Kyne, a skirt from Rejoice in Prints, a bag from Thai Handbags, necklace from Black Orchid & Co and a ring from Krizsilver.

This kimono is from StyleMoi and it is one of those items I've been eyeing for a while as I love the tie dye print aspect to it as well as the fact that it is quite oversized and will be great in summer on the cooler days plus it goes with pretty much anything which is always a good thing. 

This crop top is from Kim Kyne and is in this amazing mint green colour. It has a lacey texture which looks really pretty and the front zips up which is quite a unique aspect. This crop top will have a lot of use in summer by me with high waisted shorts and maybe different types of kimonos. 

The skirt is from a place called Rejoice in Prints. It's not my usual style but I thought I'd experiment a bit hence the title and I actually really like the prints and the colours featured on it. The skirt flows out to the side quite a lot which is something I really like about it.

This necklace is from Black Orchid & Co and is another experimental item but I really love it. It has this wire wrapped around it which make it look great and I love the way it's done. When I wear it again I'm definitely going to stack it up with more necklaces to see how that looks.

This ring is from a shop called Krizsilver and it is actually made from a vintage spoon created into this silver ring. It has these lovely floral patterns on and it is very unique as I have not seen anything like it before. It is slightly too big for me but I can remedy that by putting a really thin ring above it so it stays in place.

This bag is in this amazing print and is from Thai Handbags. They have a massive range of bags and other accessories from Thailand in really unique colourful prints. This bag is the perfect size for me and sits on my shoulder which is my favourite type of bag. I'm really starting to love colourful patterns like this so this couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Use code SUNSETDESIRES to get 20% off your order also be sure to check out their other website UpcycledStyles

Tie Dye Kimono: * StyleMoi
Mint Green Crop Top: * Kim Kyne
Pattern Skirt: * Rejoice in Prints
Shoulder Bag: * Thai Handbags
Necklace: * Black Orchid & Co
Ring: * Krizsilver

Let me know what you think to this experimental outfit.