Outfit Of The Day: Zombie Hunter

I'm Back! It's been nearly 3 months since I've had an outfit post and just over 2 months since my last actual post so this is very long overdue. I've been crazy busy with my full time summer job which left me with very little time to get anything else done other than eat and sleep. I have a ton of posts coming up over the next few weeks/months while I catch up so hopefully I will be really active again. Today's outfit was actually named by a friend of mine as she said I looked like I was a zombie hunter in the middle of the apocalypse. 

The red check shirt was from Front Row Shop, I love it because I'd been looking for a long check shirt for a while and red check is just classic plus it keeps me a little warmer when the English Summer weather decides to cool down at night. It's super soft and will also make a really good lounge wear piece.

The Caffeine T-Shirt is from Eclectic Visions and has what I assume is the formula for caffeine on it. It's a great piece which will work with anything as it is a classic t-shirt in black and white.

I've had these denim shorts for around 3 years now. They were originally from Choies. I'm pretty sure I've got a little smaller since then as they are bigger than I remember. They have this applique on which I think looks really good with this outfit and really adds something to it. 

I've been getting really into hats lately although I think most of the time they do not suit me unless I'm wearing sunglasses like this outfit. This hat was from Dresslink.

I'm completely obsessed with these sunglasses from Giant Vintage. They are in a cat eye shape and are huge plus they go with every outfit. I've worn them so much so far this summer and have had really good comments from my friends and family about them. They are definitely my favourite pair I own right now.  

These tattoo tights really add some grunge to this outfit. They are from Dirrty Town Clothing and feature images such as flowers, diamonds, skeletons, stars and chains. I love that at first glance they look like actual tattoos but you can switch them up if you get bored if you own more than one pair which is probably why I wouldn't get any real tattoos unless I really thought about them.

This unique necklace is from Ardeola and is made from wood. It has these really cool colours in this triangular pattern. It's definitely not something I'd usually wear but I really like how it looks with this outfit.

The turquoise ring is from My Vintage Spirit and is this classic boho looking ring. I've mentioned before that I'm really into boho things and plan on making my collection of items even bigger.

The gemstone rings & copper bracelet are from Briana Joelle Originals. I love anything copper coloured so this bracelet is perfect and can be adjusted to fit my wrist which is something I usually struggle to find in these types of bracelets. I really like that these rings can either be stacked up like in this outfit or worn on separate fingers to mix things up and these ones are in 3 of my favourite colours.

Check Shirt: Front Row Shop
White T-Shirt: Eclectic Visions
Denim Shorts: Choies
Tattoo Tights: Dirrty Town Clothing
Hat: Dresslink
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Necklace: Ardeola
Boho Ring: My Vintage Spirit
Glass Rings & Copper Bracelet: Briana Joelle Originals