In My Wardrobe: Jewellery - Necklaces Part 1

 Today's post is another new series I'm starting which is showing you what's inside my wardrobe from clothes to shoes to jewellery. I'll be doing this in sections throughout the next few months and first off I have Part 1 of the Necklace section. I own so many that I really need to go through them to sort them out and this is a good excuse for that.

Claires                                                      Urbiana*

Claires                                               Willow District*

MadamLili*                                                     Ebay

Jay Jays                                          Lizzy Storm Designs*

Ebay                                              A2B Jewelry*

Bit X Brown*                                             Bit X Brown*

Custom Brites*                                        Odds & Sorts*

Which is your favourite and what section should I do next?


  1. Great selection of necklaces!
    Loving the second one!

  2. I love the chocker from Ebay with the star! *____________*

  3. love the quartz necklaces!

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