The Lifestyle Blogger UK Scarf Review

 Today's post is going to be a review of this lovely sparrow scarf thanks to The Lifestyle Blogger UK.

The scarf has this lovely sparrow print on in black and white which looks really pretty. I like that it is black and white because it will go with any outfit. It's a great scarf for both winter and summer as it is this light material but gives good coverage of your neck in cold weather to stop a bit of the chill and I can't wait to wear it more throughout the year. As you can see from the photos above and below I tried wearing it several different ways and I think my favourite is the first one as that is how I wear most of my scarves. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite way to wear a scarf is.


Sparrow Scarf: The Lifestyle Blogger UK*

SammyDress Outfit Of The Day: Suede Sections

 Today's outfit features this gorgeous faux suede two piece from SammyDress.


How gorgeous is this faux suede two piece from SammyDress? It feels super soft which I'm really happy about as I love any soft material. It is in this lovely nude colour which I'm loving right now and the great thing about a two piece set is that you can mix and match it with other items and I feel it would be a great set for loungewear. The only issue I have with this set is that the top is too big for me but again that's probably because I have a small chest and I think it would fit someone perfectly with a bigger chest.


Faux Suede Two Piece Set: SammyDress*

What would you pair each of these pieces with?  

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