Bournemouth Break

I took a 5 day break and visited my cousins in Bournemouth in the UK. The weather was beautiful and it is a beautiful place. Here is a few photos from my adventures and time in Bournemouth. I plan on going back down there some time in the Summer again.
Just a flower from my cousins garden that I thought was really pretty. 
The flower tree from which I got the above flower from. 
Me and my family at my uncles pub. I haven't seen him in 8 years. 
The sign going into Bournemouth. 
The air balloon I went in for a great view of Bournemouth. 
A singing flash mob which randomly happened as we were walking down the street. 
A view of the Pier Theatre going up in the air balloon. 
The 500ft up view from the air balloon. My parents are down there in the people somewhere.
The Pavilion at the start of the gardens where my dad used to work when he lived down there when he was younger. 
A squirrel which went up really close to my mum. 
Beautiful sun and lens flare through the trees in the gardens.
A view of the field next to the gardens.

I really love Bournemouth and it is a really beautiful place. If I stay in the UK I would definitely consider moving there.

DIY Bracelets

I went away to Bournemouth for a long weekend and while I was there I started creating my own bracelets. I'm planning on selling them on Etsy very soon once I have made some more but here is the ones I have made so far. I will also post some tutorials on how to create each pattern I have made soon.
This one is my first ever bracelet I made and I used 8 colours and strands to make a candy cane rainbow pattern.
This blue one is the second one I made and uses 3 colours and 6 strands with the candy cane pattern again.
This third one I made for my nannan for her birthday and I used 3 strands in 2 different purple colours and used the candy cane pattern again. 
This 4th one I made for my mum is orange and brown coloured. I used 4 strands and again did the candy cane pattern which is probably the easiest pattern to do which is why I have done it quite a lot. 
The 5th one I made for my cousin. He wanted one similar to the first one I made so he picked out 7 colours and strands and I did the candy cane rainbow pattern again. 
For my 6th one I wanted to try a different pattern. It didn't turn out how it was supposed to but still looks really good. I used 3 colours and used colour blocking and I used 6 strands to create this pattern. 
For my 7th one I wanted to try another pattern so I tried the fishtail plait. I started by lining the colours up in the plait but it started to go wrong so I decided to carry on by just mixing it up. I used 3 colours and 6 strands for this one. 
I made the 8th one for my cousin because he wanted the same style as my blue one but in green so same again I used 3 colours with 6 strands and used the candy cane style. 

If anyone has any suggestions for patterns I could try let me know and I'll give it a go and post my attempts on here.