DIY Bracelets

by - 11 June

I went away to Bournemouth for a long weekend and while I was there I started creating my own bracelets. I'm planning on selling them on Etsy very soon once I have made some more but here is the ones I have made so far. I will also post some tutorials on how to create each pattern I have made soon.

This one is my first ever bracelet I made and I used 8 colours and strands to make a candy cane rainbow pattern.
This blue one is the second one I made and uses 3 colours and 6 strands with the candy cane pattern again.
This third one I made for my nannan for her birthday and I used 3 strands in 2 different purple colours and used the candy cane pattern again. 
This 4th one I made for my mum is orange and brown coloured. I used 4 strands and again did the candy cane pattern which is probably the easiest pattern to do which is why I have done it quite a lot. 
The 5th one I made for my cousin. He wanted one similar to the first one I made so he picked out 7 colours and strands and I did the candy cane rainbow pattern again. 
For my 6th one I wanted to try a different pattern. It didn't turn out how it was supposed to but still looks really good. I used 3 colours and used colour blocking and I used 6 strands to create this pattern. 
For my 7th one I wanted to try another pattern so I tried the fishtail plait. I started by lining the colours up in the plait but it started to go wrong so I decided to carry on by just mixing it up. I used 3 colours and 6 strands for this one. 
I made the 8th one for my cousin because he wanted the same style as my blue one but in green so same again I used 3 colours with 6 strands and used the candy cane style. 

If anyone has any suggestions for patterns I could try let me know and I'll give it a go and post my attempts on here.

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