Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

by - 12 February

So I finally got around to watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion show 2013 and I was definitely not disappointed. Every year they manage to create these beautiful outfits with really cool themes to them. I'm going to be talking a little bit about my favorite looks from each theme as there is quite a few looks that I really enjoyed. 

British Invasion

The first theme which came out was British Invasion which included looks from classic British things including the British flag and of course a rain coat. Two of my favorite looks from this theme was the tartan look and the red velvet sequin look. 

As a huge fan of any sort of Tartan of course I was going to love this look. I love that they used many different colours of Tartan for this look which all look great together. I also love how big the feathers on the wings are.

My second favorite look from this theme also includes another two of my favorite things - Velvet and Sequins in a colour I adore. I'm a big fan of red and burgundy at the minute and I love the shoes used for this.

Parisian Nights

The next theme to come out was Parisian Nights which I can say was definitely my favorite theme of the show as all of the outfits were absolutely beautiful. 

First up we have the green flowy look. I just love the mix of the green and the black pattern on the waist area and how the skirt just flows behind her. The colour really stands out and looks great especially against her skin tone. 

The next look is the black sparkly mini dress. I especially love the sparkles on the dress and that it sticks out at the hips. I'm not too sure about the gloves in this look but the colour and the shoes really make up for them. 

For the third look in this theme it's the red look modeled by Adriana Lima who is by far my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel as for me she is one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. I LOVE the colour of this outfit as it just stands out and looks gorgeous. I love how big the wings are and I just adore the corset top. 

Birds Of Paradise

The next theme was the Birds Of Paradise theme which included many beautiful colours and feathered looks coming down the runway. 

The first look is the red and blue look. I think the colours mix really well and  again I just love the corset top.

The second of my favorite looks from this theme is the orange and yellow one which again the colours look really good together which I think is why I loved this theme so much.

The third look is this blue and yellow look. I can't stop raving about the mixed colours in this theme because they are just so stunning and eye catching. I love the pale blue and then just the shock of the yellow feathers coming out of the arms. 

Pink Network

The next theme which came down the runway was the Pink Network theme. I wasn't a huge fan of the looks that came out from this theme as they just seemed so clustered and random but above are the looks that I liked the most.

First up we have the 'Smiley' look. I love how fun this look is with the smileys all over the dungaree type bottoms as well as matching it with the smiley face t shirt. Just a general overall fun look.

The next look from this theme I liked was the one shown above. I can't really think of a way to describe this look but I was mostly drawn to it because of the amazing sequin jacket that I want right now! It caught my eye and would be an item I would love in my wardrobe.

Snow Angels

The final theme of the night was the Snow Angels theme which again had a lot of very beautiful outfits and looks. I love this theme because of all the white and it was all very pretty.

First up we have the floral look and the only thing I can really say about this is that I just love the flowers and the shape they make over her waist and hips. So gorgeous.

The next two looks I love because of the feathers. The cape was beautiful as well as the huge feather wings. They were definitely my favorite wings from the entire show this year.

Last but not least I had to give Taylor Swift a mention. The dress she wore for the Snow Angels theme and the finale was absolutely stunning. I love it so much and it's another item I would love to have in my wardrobe even if I never got the chance to wear it. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Of course I have to give a mention to Taylor herself who did a really great job singing for the show as I love her music in general. Overall I can say I really enjoyed the show and cannot wait to see what they come up with for next years show.

What are your favorite looks from this years Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

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