by - 16 April

Today's post is about a mobile app called Depop. On Depop people sell off their new and second hand clothing and fashion accessories. It's kind of like eBay but more focused on fashion. A lot of people sell the latest fashions for cheaper than in the shops so it's really good for finding a bargain. You can also sell your own clothing like I'm doing on there as well. 

If you want to follow me and check out my items for sale my username is @lucymitchell and I'm selling various items which might of been featured in my outfit posts or just things that have been stuck in my wardrobe for ages with no use. I'm adding things daily so keep checking it out and follow me for all my updates.

Above is the official Depop page which tells you mostly what it is about as well as links to their social media and places you can download the app.

What are your usernames on Depop?

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  1. I also have this app! I should put some items on sale!

  2. I didn't hear about this app before, but i'm gonna download it, it looks very interesting!
    Love the sweater!