Valentine's Day Ideas

Today I bring you my Valentine's Day dress ideas post. It's Valentine's Day coming up in a few weeks time so I thought I'd put together a little wishlist to give you some ideas for some themed dresses to wear. Of course the theme of this post is red, pink and white which are the main colours associated with the day. I found all these dresses on Romwe which is a site I've been buying from for the last few years. They just have a huge selection of amazing clothes. So sit back and enjoy all the pretty dresses and a couple of extra sneaky items at the end.


Cut Out Red Smock Dress                                  Sleeveless Pleated Flare Dress

Lips Print Slim Dress                                      Floral Print Flouncing Dress


Floral Crochet Lace Dress                               Criss Cross Back Jumpsuit

V Neck Floral Bodycon Dress                                 Floral Print Bodycon Dress


Heart Crochet White Dress                                    V Neck Sleeveless Dress

And here are a couple of extra Valentine's day themed clothing I found while browsing Romwe.

Heart Pattern Red Shirt                                   Heart Print White Leggings

What is your favourite themed dress from this list?

1 Coat 6 Outfits

Today's post is something a little different. I was browsing through the SheInside website when I saw a coat and I had the thought that it would go with pretty much anything because it is a super simple grey coat so I decided to check out the rest of the website to find some items of clothing to make some outfits which resulted in this post 1 Coat 6 Outfits. Below is the coat I used: 

These are the outfits I ended up with. It was a lot of mixing and matching until I found their perfect fits.

Which is you favourite look? and what would you pair with the coat?

Blogger Street Style Inspiration

UPDATE* StyleMoi no longer seems to exist so all the links have been removed.

Today I bring you some Blogger Street Style inspiration using Bloggers I read from around the web, using items from the online store StyleMoi who sell tons of Street Style clothing on their website. They have such an amazing selection of unique clothing.  

Bloody Roses

First up we have this blogger from Bloody Roses sporting a grungy looking outfit wearing the black leather biker jacket from Style Moi and some jeans similar to these I have chosen. I love how she has mixed the jacket with some Dr Martens style boots and a big black rimmed hat. She is also wearing this amazing stand out necklace. The perfect grunge look. 

Leather Jacket
Denim Jeans

Next up we have this blogger from Different Cands who I have actually featured three times in this post. For this outfit she is wearing a gorgeous shade of pink coat that actually has a detachable bottom to make it into a cropped coat so basically two jackets in one. She has mixed this with an amazing pink jumper, a simple white shirt and simple black jeans with some platform boots. I love the pastel pink look she was going for.

Pink Coat
Pink Jumper
White Shirt
Black Trousers

This next blogger is from Agoniya and she is wearing this gorgeous pink shearling coat. As you can tell from these last two outfits I'm really into pastel pink at the minute. She has paired the coat with a simple white shirt and a pair of white jeans with let's the coat stand out and looks great mixed with the light colour of the coat. She has wore converse to add a classic style to this look.

Pink Coat
White Shirt
White Trousers

This blogger is wearing what are possibly my favourite jeans of all time that I may have to actually buy even if I don't have any where to wear them. They have this amazing rainbow effect of sequins and have rips all the way down. You would definitely stand out in these. She has paired them with a simple grey crop top, a green checked shirt and a pair of white Dr Marten boots to give these jeans more of a casual feel.

Green Check Shirt
Grey Crop Top
Sequin Jeans

For this blogger from Mistureba Chic she is wearing this amazing green sequin kimono which again you can tell I love sequins right now. She has paired it with a plain black crop top and a pair of black jeans to let the kimono stand out and do all the talking. Her blue hair is also absolutely gorgeous and it is definitely something I would like to try sometime.

Sequin Kimono
Black Crop Top
Black Trousers

Another outfit from Different Cands now. This time she is wearing this black and white striped coat mixed with a plain white shirt and a pair of simple black jeans. She has added yellow shoes and accessories to really stand out which look great against the black and white of the outfit.

Stripy Coat
White Shirt
Black Trousers

The third and final outfit from Different Cands now. For this outfit she is wearing some white ripped mom jeans which really stand out and she has added a creamy jumper with white shoes to make it basically an all white outfit. The jeans are definitely something I would buy as I just love ripped mom jeans in white.

White Jumper
White Jeans

This blogger from Dear Diary Fashion has been a little daring in wearing denim on denim but it looks great as it is two different shades and mixed with the yellow coat really makes her stand out and gives the denim a little something extra. For this outfit she has worn some white converse which really pulls this casual outfit together.

Yellow Coat
Denim Shirt
Denim Jeans

Last but not least we have this blogger from Stardust Bohemian who has this gorgeous pink hair. For this outfit she is wearing this lovely fur coat with this crochet two piece short set sure to make her stand out. She has added this wide brimmed pale hat to bring this whole look together. I think this is my favourite look from all the ones I've mentioned above.

Fur Coat
Crochet Two Piece

Which look is your favourite?