Kawaii Fashion

I've been loving Kawaii Fashion for years now so I thought it was about time I talked a little about it on my blog as I haven't really mentioned it before but I've had elements of it in previous posts. Nowadays even my hair tends to be Kawaii style. I'm constantly looking through StoreEnvy for stores that specialise in this type of clothing and I came across this one called Milk Club. It's a little bit different to some of the other stores I've come across in that it mostly sells thrifted wear from Asian countries, so basically anything I can't find from my own country. Below are a few of my favourite items they sell that I feel represent my taste in Kawaii Fashion well.

Triple Eggs Sweater                                                 Lazy Techno Sweatshirt

Onigiri Sweater                                                           Baby Oil Sweater

Milk, Ganbatte!                                                                 Cactus Tee

Mahou Shouju Tutu Skater Skirts

Ice Cream                                                                            Unicorn

Holographic Platform Shoes                                            Babe Pink Jellies

Milk Socks                                                               Fried Egg Bag

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Which is your favourite item from this list? and do you like Kawaii Fashion?

ROSAvelt's Lace & Silk Collection

Today's post is a wishlist post featuring two of ROSAvelt's collections. The silk and the lace collection. For starters I've always loved lace, it's one of those styles which never goes out of fashion and always looks really pretty. The silk collection is more about bright unique prints which is something I've been interested in featuring more in my wardrobe lately and these gorgeous prints are so tempting. They incorporate amazing colours.  I've picked out a few of my favourite items from both collections on their website to show in this post starting with the silk collection.   


Floral Printed Silk Dress                           Abstract Printed Silk Dress

The colours in both these dresses are absolutely amazing. I love clashing and mixing colours like this and my favourite of these two is definitely the short sleeved dress as it looks more like paint splatters which is something I've always been drawn to along with the more cinched in waist.

I love both the prints on these trousers and cannot decide which is my favourite as I have reasons for both. I love the night sky like print of the first one which reminds me of stars and constellations and the darker colour but I also love the tye dye of the other pair as well as the higher waist.


Red Lace Backless Dress                     Yellow Crochet Lace Dress

Now onto the lace collection. Both of these colours are gorgeous and my favourite has got to be the red one. I've always loved red dresses especially when they are lace but the yellow one is also beautiful with it's crochet patterning.

Sleeveless White Lace Top                       Sleeveless Black Lace Top

Finally we have the two lace tops. I think my favourite has to be the black one as I prefer the pattern of the lace but I easily love both and these could go with a wide range of different outfits.

Which is your favourite collection? What is your favourite item from that collection?

* This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.