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by - 26 February

Have you ever had to pack for a long holiday or trip away only to realise you don’t have enough space for all the clothes you want to take but still want to wear a variety of different outfits there? We have all been in this position I’m sure, I know I have.  Well fret not as there is now an innovative brand founded by Sarah Yonover called HipKnoTies that will help you out. It is basically one garment which can be converted to be worn thirty different ways so you can never run out of combinations of having a great outfit. Whether you want to wear a halter neck top or a completely strapless bandeau or even a maxi skirt the option is there. There is a variety of colours available as well as different lengths and you can even mix and match them up to wear as a top and skirt combination or even wear one as a jacket in a bolero or sheath style. The options are completely endless. Each one also comes with clear reusable bands so you can create ties and knots in the garment to add even more options to your outfit plus they can be dressed up or down and are perfect for all occasions.
 They are one size fits all so even if your weight fluctuates or you are pregnant it will always fit you no matter what and they are so flattering on all body types plus they are wrinkle resistant so if you are planning to travel they are perfect to pack so you won’t have to worry about getting there and having to iron and get the wrinkles out of all of your clothes.
 It all started when Sarah was going to be visiting The Hamptons, DC and NYC and only had a carry-on bag to take for the 3 week trip and she was faced with the dilemma of what to take. She grabbed her infinity scarf and began to twist it and tie it in many different ways to create a one-shoulder dress, halter top, vest, maxi skirt and more. Within an hour she had gone to the fabric store and retuned to teach herself how to sew at her kitchen table and the rest is history. HipKnoTies has since been featured on QVC where it sold out in 6 minutes! They are proudly made in the USA and they ship worldwide. 

If you are struggling to be creative enough to create some unique looks then you are in luck as HipKnoTies also has a free phone app which has step-by-step tutorials and guides to help you out as well as a YouTube channel which will show you exactly what to do and give you even more ideas for how to style them.

 The website has many daily deals as well as sales and offers on pieces so what are you waiting for? Check out the HipKnoTies website and buy yourself some pieces to day to see what you can come up with. 

This post is sponsored by HipKnoTies

Which colour would you choose? 

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