Sparkle And Rock Jewellery Box Review Unboxing

by - 03 March

 Today's post is going to be an unboxing of a Sparkle And Rock Jewellery Box. This is the first jewellery subscription box I have ever received and it definitely didn't disappoint. They have 4 choices for boxes which are Boho, Statement, Dainty or Mixed which is the one I chose. You can sign up for a month, 3, 6 months or even a year subscription which is like a present to yourself every single month.

First up how cute is the packaging?! The colour is gorgeous and I was so excited to open the pieces up. The little heart decoration is so pretty and I love their logo. Even my mum was curiously excited to see what it was.


The pieces are revealed! I received this silver necklace, a rose gold beaded bracelet and this super interesting colourful bracelet.

This is the rose gold bracelet which is my favourite piece I received. I'm in love with anything rose gold so this is perfect for me and I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot with numerous outfits.

This is the silver necklace which has these lovely little drop pieces on which help to make it stand out and would look great paired with anything. This was my mums favourite piece from the collection and I think she wants to try and steal it from me!

Last but definitely not least is the colourful dangle bracelet. This piece is so unique as I have never seen anything like it before but I think I can definitely rock it with something equally as colourful or even a plain outfit so it stands out as a great statement piece.

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Which is your favourite piece I received and which box would you choose? 

The box featured in this post was sent in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I like the necklace! ^_^

  2. Its pretty, I love the packaging x

  3. Oh wow I have really wanted to purchase more Jewellery so this is amazing, I prefer getting nice things picked out for me.

    Meme xx

  4. Like it <3

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  5. So pretty
    Great post!
    I would really love for you to check out my latest post featuring SheIn items.
    Keep in touch~
    Kaiyo Aino Blog-White Dress

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