Holiday Outfits 2016 - Lanzarote

by - 17 August

Today's post is going to show the night time outfits I wore on my holiday to Lanzarote earlier on in the year.

The first night outfit is this gorgeous floral dress I got randomly from eBay a few years ago. I just love this print and it's the type of dress I can constantly wear. The rings I wore for this outfit are from Primark, Rose Garden Waterfall and The Magic Ones. The moonstone one is one of my favourite rings I own.

The outfit I wore on the second night is probably my favourite and is these gorgeous lace pieces from Missguided. I am always putting these 2 pieces together because they look great. This is definitely my favourite skirt I own. The rings for this outfit were from The Magic Ones and Bubble Box and the necklace is also from Bubble Box. I find myself wearing this necklace a lot lately.

The third night outfit features a stripy top from Necessary Clothing and a asymetrical skirt from InTheStyle. I love this top because I can wear it day or night and works well with everything. The rings from this outfit are from The Magic Ones, Rose Garden Waterfall and Bubble Box with the necklace from Happiness Boutique.

Night four outfits features this gorgeous dress from Quiz Clothing. It's such an amazing print and I loved it that much that I also bought a blue version of it. The rings for this outfit are from Shop Dixi (My favourite jewellery shop) and Primark.

Night five outfit features the white version of the other Necessary Clothing top from the outfit above and this amazing print skirt from MRP. I definitely love this mix of pieces and would totally wear them together again. The rings for this outfit are from Rose Garden Waterfall, Chxrmed and The Magic Ones. These amazing necklaces which are my favourite are from Shop Dixi.

The last night outfit is this gorgeous dress from Missguided which you may have noticed I wear a lot if you have been on my blog for a while. I love the lace edges and the colour. The only thing I don't like is that it is slightly too short so I wore shorts underneath it. The rings from this last outfit are from Rose Garden Waterfall and The Magic Ones while the necklace which is also one of my favourites is from BitXBrown.

Which is your favourite outfit from my holiday?

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  1. All such gorgeous looks but my favourite would have to be the lace Missguided outfit too, the colours are absolutely stunning <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. Beautiful photos! I am loving your taste in jewelry!