Outfit Of The Day: Roses Are Red

by - 10 December

 Today's post is an outfit featuring this gorgeous floral dress and this amazing crystal choker both from RoseGal.

How beautiful is this dress from RoseGal? I'm in love with the floral embroidery down the middle which does a really good job of curving in at the waist to give some more shape. The colours are also really pretty and I love how this fits on me, it's quite low cut but doesn't reveal too much which is always good. I can definitely see me wearing this for a party or a similar event.

The choker from RoseGal is also a stunner. This piece would definitely dress up any outfit and is perfect for this time of year with all the Christmas parties and the New Year coming up. It's good because it doesn't feel too heavy or clunky around my neck.

Floral Dress: RoseGal*
Crystal Choker: RoseGal*

What would you wear the choker with?

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  1. Nicely done! You look beautiful in this dress! I like the detail.

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  4. Astonishing you are really look like one my friend. However, you are more like upgraded version of her, she have red hair and freckles. In addition, she totally don’t understand how to find clothes that will fit on her, in opposite to you. That choker is incredibly elegant, how shitty that they all are already sold out. Now I’m thinking fortunate it was that, I had read about your blog from reviews on OvernightEssay.