Guest Post: 7 Essential Things You Will Need To Go Back To School

by - 14 August

*Today's post is a guest post by the lovely Gigi from 'Dress Them Up' - You can find her links at the bottom of this post. Please go show her some love and enjoy this post.


Can you believe that Summer is almost gone and that it's once again time to get ready to go back to school? Personally, with five kids in various ages it’s a chore to get everything they will need yearly. However, I have a back to school list that make it all that easier for you to shop whenever your kid is going to sixth grade or to college this year.


1. Backpack

Going back to school would not be complete without a good sturdy backpack. They come in different colours, patterns, and prices. One of my favourite backpacks is this backpack by Vera Bradley or this one by Open Sky both are not only functional but great to look at as well.

If you are not into lugging around heavy books, then why not check out this wheeled backpack from Everest? My oldest child (who is going to middle school) uses one all the time and it has  diffidently saved her from staggering under the weight of all those heavy textbooks.


2. Jackets

It might be really hot right now (I know that the temperature is still hitting 90 degrees in my neck of woods) but once the first cold front comes in you will be thankful that you brought a good jacket. If your kid’s school is anything like my school, the A/C will be cranked up really high, so a thin jacket will come in handy right now.

I trend that I have loved in the last few years, is the bomber jackets. They really make me nostalgic for those old letterman jackets that the jocks in my school used to wear in high school. They come in various colours and patterns, my favourite this season has been this jacket from Charlotte Russé is practically a steal.


3. Notebooks

In my opinion, a good set of notebooks are just as essential as a good sturdy backpack.  But who says that your notebooks have to be those old drab composition books and one subject notebooks? As  admitted notebook  junkie, I have everything from a small anime style notebooks  to big notebooks with bright bold colours and patterns.

If you are a serious notebook aficionado like I am, you can get a few custom made notebooks with your name or initials on the top of them like the notebooks from one of my preferred custom made online stationery store ‘Maya Designs’.


4. Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are a must-have for every student. Especially, your children will have P.E. or will be involved in sports this upcoming school year. With my kids, they are always rough on their shoes, especially on their athletic shoes., Like most children, they are growing up like weeds, and it’s no wonder that why I replace their athletic shoes yearly.  And even  if your kid is going off to college this year, a good pair of athletic shoes will be handy when they have to run across campus to get to class on time.  

Brands you should definitely check out are brands such as Newton Running (adult shoes only) and Plae. I have been a huge fan of both brands for years  and you totally should give them both a try. .


5. Planner

I am a disorganized mess, and that hasn’t changed at all since I was in school. A good academic planner will keep them organized with their school work, which result in keeping up their grades. Just like notebooks, the planner you buy doesn’t have to be plain solid color planner. You can get them in different shapes, colors and patterns.  And again, if you want to get really fancy you can have them customized like the ones from Plum Paper.


6. Pens

In my opinion, a good set of pens is the most essential item on this list. You can’t get your assignments or homework done without them!  I usually write with those plain Bic or Papermate  pens. However, I found these lovely pens by Etsy shop MagicalKawaii they diffidently would add a bit a pizzazz to their otherwise dull school supplies.


7. Jeans

When shopping for back to school clothes, shopping for new jeans is a must. My kids (especially the girls) have jeans in every colour from dark wash to bright purple. My little boy though sticks with the normal washes. However, jeans are so versatile and is diffidently a staple that everyone from children to adults should have in their closet.

The problem is that they are so many jeans to choose from. However, I really love these jeans from Old Navy and Venus.

This is the end of the seven essential things you need to go back to school. What do you items do you think are essential?  Let me know down in the comments. If you loved this post, you can find me at my blog ‘Dress Them Up’ or on my social media as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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  1. Thank you so much for giving me opportunity to guest post! I really appreciate it.

    1. No problem. Thanks for writing the post for me :)

  2. I love those Kawaii pens!! Definitely need to do some online shopping tonight, great guest post as I love the picks! :)

  3. I'm going back to school starting next month and I've been looking for a good plannner!

  4. Such a nice post!



  5. These items are so cute! Makes me miss the school days!

    1. Oh yes they are definitely cute! I definitely don't miss my school days though! haha :)

  6. I totally agree! All essentials haha!

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