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by - 06 September

I thought it was about time I started a resources page for any links and websites I think you might find helpful. This will include money saving websites, Affiliate sites for Bloggers, Influencer Campaign websites, Survey sites, offers and more!

Some of these links are affiliate/referral links and I will earn money or credit for the site if you sign up through them.

 I use Airbnb every time I want to travel. It is a place where people 'let' out their homes to you to stay in when you are travelling. I have found many great places to stay because of Airbnb and I always check here first as I have found many cheaper deals than going through holiday sites. Sign up using my link HERE to get £30 off your first booking!
When I don't find anything suitable on Airbnb for a certain place and certain date I use It is a great place to find good deals on hotels and resorts and is the second place I go to after Airbnb.

I use TopCashBack every time I shop online. If I know I want to make a purchase I will first check the online shop is eligible with them and then click through to continue my purchase. I then earn a percentage of my order back in credit which can then be transferred into my bank or Paypal. I have earned £52.30 with them so far!

Buzzoole is a site where you can earn Amazon vouchers through doing influencer campaigns with them. You earn credits by participating in campaigns as well as doing small tasks such as following their social pages and you can also earn credits from referring friends. So far I have being involved in 2 campaigns and have cashed out for a £50 amazon voucher and I'm 15 credits off earning another £50 voucher.  

General Shopping Savings

Elnique - (Jewellery) - Same sort of thing as Public Desire earning money towards your purchases with small tasks. 200 points from signing up, 200 points on your birthday and 500 points to refer a friend. 10 points for every £1 spent and the first reward tier is 500 points for £5 off. 

Arvo - (Watches) - Same as above. Earn points for small tasks to earn money off vouchers. 50 points for creating an account, 25 for follow on twitter and 25 for follow on Instagram. 100 points = $5.00 off. 

Popcherry - (General Clothing) - 15% off your first VIP order also earn $15 to spend every time a friend does their first VIP order. Click HERE for one of my blog posts that tells you a bit more information about their VIP Program.

JustFab - (Shoes & Clothes) - £15 off your first order plus an extra 50 points when completing the style quiz. This is another VIP type program like PopCherry. You can also earn £15 to spend each time a friend signs up and does their first order.

Adore Me - (Underwear/Lingerie) - First set for $25 - You can also get $15 towards purchases for every friend that makes an order through your link.

Boom25 - Every 25th Shopper earns the price of their order back! They have many flash offers too.

BlackBetty - This is a discount fashion retailer. They sell high street brands for cheaper prices. Get £5 off your first order (Most things are £10 and under). You can also earn £5 to spend when you invite your friends.

WeShop - Get points back on your purchases and then change into vouchers and money back. You can also earn 1000 points when you refer a friend and they shop through your link. They also have really great bonus deals too.

Blogging Help

Tailwind - I use Tailwind to schedule everything for me on Pinterest. I only need to set up which pins go where and when and then Tailwind does all the hard work. It will save you a lot of time and will really help your blog grow like it has mine. I get way more daily views from Pinterest since I started using Tailwind. You can use my link HERE to get $15 off your Plus Plan. 

Awin - I use Awin as one of my primary affiliate sources at the minute (I am still quite new to the site). It includes many of the places I shop at and talk about on my blog so it's perfect for me. They have an easy way to convert all links on your site to affiliate links by automatic process if that website is an advertiser with them. It does cost $5/£5 to join but you get that back with your first payment.

Influencer Campaign Sites

Sign up to these sites to find campaigns to be a part of as a blogger. Earn money or free products for your work.

Survey/Task Sites

All of these sites will have surveys for you to fill in to earn money as well as other random tasks such as watching videos or signing up to offers. I have being signed up to these sites for a while and earn a little bit of money here and there. If I put more time into them I would definitely be able to earn a lot more.
IRazoo - Use code PZ5PDU when you sign up.
Cashback Earners - Earn daily money through email links as well as the usual surveys and tasks.
Inbox Pounds - Same sort of site as Cashback Earners.
Qmee - You can earn money when searching for products online through a toolbar download but they have also introduced surveys now. It is very quick and easy to earn money through them.

*I will be adding more resources from time to time. If you have any suggestions for me to add please let me know in a comment below and I will check it out!*

Let me know in the comments below whether you signed up to any of them OR are already a part of any of them and are seeing results.
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