36 Of The Best Shearling Jackets Under £100

by - 12 December

Today's post is going to be showing you some of the best shearling jackets around at the moment. 36 of them in total all under £100. The cold winter weather is upon us so this is the perfect time to get one! Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite and whether you own anything with shearling on.

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  1. I am in love the burgundy coloured ones.thank you for sharing this link. So useful in this winter season. Love it

  2. Omg I'm obsessed with the black and red & black and green ones! such a shame it's so hot here in Australia at the moment :(

    xx Shann

  3. Gorgeous. Where is my Christmas list again?

  4. There are so many nice ones, I like the longer style that is more tailored.

  5. Sherling is so cosy, i'm so glad it's made a comeback. If you're ever interested in featuring in an interview about style advice, contact me. Or check out what we write https://shopprapp.com/style-guides