Holiday Gems: 10 Things To Do In Lanzarote

by - 22 December

Today's post is a little different for me as I'm going to be showing you '10 Things To Do In Lanzarote'. If anyone follows me on Instagram they may have noticed around September time I was in Lanzarote and posting a lot of photos from there. What you may not know is that I have visited several times since I was a little girl, I've even visited when I was a fetus in my mums stomach (If that counts). My family have been going for over 30 years! I will be mentioning things I have done several times as well as one off occasions and I hope this post inspires you to visit Lanzarote yourself. It is definitely my favourite Canary Island and the place I have been to most in the world.
*This is a sponsored post thanks to tecmark and Holiday Gems. All experiences and opinions about Lanzarote are my own.
1. Paddle in the sea in Costa Teguise. Surely you have to paddle everywhere you go right?!
2. See the padlocks and the 'view' in Puerto Del Carmen (It's also a really nice walk).
 3. Get the waterbus taxi over to Puerto Calero from Puerto Del Carman and visit the port. This is something I have done several times as it is a nice little day trip.

4. Visit Fire Mountain (Bonus: Ride a camel). As part of the trip we also had a guided tour and went wine tasting. I hate wine so that was yuk but the history of Lanzarote was really interesting.
5. See a fireworks display. This was something that was completely by random and I somehow managed to capture some really cool shots on my camera that I have not been able to do with any other firework display since.
 6. Go on a catamaran day trip. The one I went on included visiting a little island to shop the local shops and markets, kayaking and swimming in the ocean. I also tried mussels for the first time!
7. Watch the planes fly over in Matagorda. Bonus points if the sun is setting.
8. Go on a bike ride from Matagorda to Arrecife and see the sites along the way including standing under incoming planes as shown above.
9. Visit the Aquapark in Costa Teguise and also pose with the parrots. They are heavier than they look.
10. Get married/be a bridesmaid. I was the bridesmaid and my cousin was the one getting married.
I think I have visited pretty much every place possible in Lanzarote including Costa Teguise, Puerto Del Carmen, Arrecife, Matagorda and Puerto Calero. Now the one place I haven't visited is Playa Blanca so that is definitely on my Lanzarote bucket list for next time. I'll definitely be looking on Holiday Gems for a good place to stay while in Playa Blanca. For the last part of this post I will have another little list but this time it will be 10 things I want to do in Lanzarote! 

1. Visit the Aquarium in Costa Teguise
2. Go on a scuba diving beginner course.
3. Visit a beach in Playa Blanca.
4. Hire a car and drive around the entire island. 
5. Check out Lanzarote market.
6. Go on a submarine tour.
7. Go on a dune buggy.
8. Get a boat over to Fuertaventura.
9. Give windsurfing a go.
10. See a movie in the starlight open air cinema in Puerto Del Carmen.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever been to Lanzarote and if so which of these experiences have you done or want to do?
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