Exotic Alternatives To A Pint At The Pub

by - 17 March

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When a lot of people go on vacation, nightlife can be one of the hardest things to get to grips with. It can feel very natural to lean towards the activities you already like, and most people will want to be around people they feel comfortable with, leaving a lot of evenings being spent at businesses designed for your nationality. Of course, while this is a fun way to spend your time, it can often make a trip feel a little pointless. Some of the best culture can be found at night, and this post is going to be exploring some of the best examples from around the world.

Street Festivals - Some of the best examples of public events around the world are street festivals. When people come together in huge groups, the fun which can be hard will be greatly intensified, and a lot of people will find it hard not to enjoy this sort of environment. There are loads of places around the world where this sort of event is very popular. In India and its surrounding countries, a lot of life events and national holidays are celebrated with people taking to the streets to enjoy music, dancing and time with the people they love. The best part is that guests and newcomers will always be welcome.

Shisha Experiences - Of course, not everyone will want to go out and enjoy night after night of street parties, as this will be very tiring. For a more relaxed evening, spending some time in a traditional Shisha lounge is a great way to try something new. Similar to a large pipe, using a shisha is a very pleasant experience. Instead of breathing in smoke from the materials inside, you will be inhaling vapour, making it much less likely to have a long term impact on your body than smoking. This sort of option originated in India, but can be found all over the world and throughout many cultures.

A Foodie’s Dream - Finally, as the last area to consider, the Spanish really know how to do a good evening of fun. Instead of separating out a meal and drinks, a night in a tapas bar will see you enjoying both at the same time. You won’t have large dishes, though, as you will be expected to share a range of smaller ones with those around you. Along with some traditional Spanish drinks, music and scenery, this sort of option will make anyone feel like a local. Of course, though, it will be worth researching the venues on offer before you bite the bullet and book a table.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be feeling inspired to start taking a different approach with your evenings overseas. While it can be easy to spend your entire trip doing things you know and love, experiencing something new is often the best way to make a vacation more memorable. Of course though, this will be completely down to you and there’s nothing wrong with doing what makes you feel most comfortable.

Let me know in the comments below which one of these 3 choices sounds the most interesting to you and whether you have ever done any of them.

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