Top 3 Honeymoon Locations

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Today I'm bringing you my 'Top 3 Honeymoon Locations'. These are exotic places that I would love to go on my Honeymoon to if that occasion ever arises! These places are what my idea of luxury is and are all filled with amazing things to see and do. So let's get this started with my first choice.

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The Maldives

How beautiful do The Maldives look? The crystal blue water with the huts 'floating' over it and then the beautiful white sandy beaches lined with gorgeous palm trees. It literally sounds like my heaven! It's warm all year round (Average 25'c - 29'c) and as someone who is always cold, that would be perfect for me. Whenever I think of luxury The Maldives definitely come to mind first. You can check out to see all their all-inclusive luxury holidays to the Maldives. It is made up of around 1200 islands and a lot of the luxurious resorts have their own private islands. How cool is that?!  

Picture of some boats in Phuket.

My next choice is Phuket in Thailand. Another place that features beautiful white sand beaches and crystal blue water. Phuket is filled with lots of history including Buddhist monuments and historic temples along with many gorgeous nature reserves. It is also known as Thailands party capital. Whether you are someone who loves relaxing, exploring or partying then there is always something to do in Phuket. Two things you definitely need to do is visit Phi Phi Island which is the stunning location of the movie 'The Beach' which I watched for the first time last year. It is a huge attraction which apparently doesn't disappoint. The second thing is to go see the Big Buddha which is a huge 45 metres tall Buddha statue that has the best 360 degrees view of Phuket.

A bali beach scene.

Last but definitely not least is Bali. Bali is another paradise island with its breath-taking, culture-filled scenery and beautiful beaches, it is a place you must visit. It features many exotic temples with amazing architecture set against lush jungles, it is definitely an explorer's paradise with so much to see and do. One must-visit place is definitely the Tagallalang Rice Terraces with their unique rice slopes for a great photo opportunity. Bali is definitely a perfect destination for a romantic, adventure-filled Honeymoon.

  Which of these 3 Top Honeymoon Locations would you love to go to the most? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check some more of my travel posts below.

There May Be Some Cracks In Any Holiday Experience

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Going on holiday and travelling to new places is something many people look forward to most during the year. Weeks and months of working are only fully paid back when you can let your hair down and truly focus on all of you and your needs only. In among the sunshine and the brilliant feeling of being somewhere totally never-before-seen by your eyes, there is a but. It can be a big but, or a small but, depending on the quality of your holiday. The but is, but just be on the lookout for the cracks in the holiday experience. This doesn’t mean you must have some kind of robocop scanner in your eyes, searching for and identifying mistakes and errors every which way. It does mean that, put your brain on 95% standby and 5% diligence. Enjoy your time and bask in the feeling of being in an atmosphere unrecognisable from home. Just keep an eye out for these inadequacies that could help you in the end.


A not so guide, guide 

It's common to have a holiday guide as the rep of a travel agency. They will either meet you at your hotel once you have checked in, or you can go to one of their local offices at the destination. They may even have a policy of simply meeting up in a local cafe. What you need to look out for are guides who don’t know much or care about the destination and therefore you holiday in the process. Look for signs that they’re not very talkative, they don’t share much information with you in person. Those that rely too much on smartphone communication to inform of you of what kinds of sights to go see and take too long replying to text messages of questions, will leave you with a lot left to desire. What can you do? It's simple, ask for a change of rep by phoning the local office of the travel agency. There’s no point in trying to be nice when you have spent so much money to be on the holiday and have it be sub-par because of one person.

Check before you eat 

Do not rely on the past reputation of a restaurant. Be prudent and check the latest reviews of a restaurant that you fancy going to. Restaurants can change and transform into a shell of their former glory. The last thing you would want is to have food poisoning due to a bad meal by a restaurant that you thought looks good because of the previous reviews that could date back over a year ago or more. You shouldn’t suffer in silence because holiday illness claims are something of an ace in the hole. It's very much a real possibility that you can claim back compensation in the thousands to help you recuperate the losses of having to pay for medical bills in a foreign country. It's also some reconciliation for the ruining of your holiday which you also could have paid thousands for. Always check the restaurant you want to dine in, is still going strong and keeping hygiene of the utmost importance. A holiday guide that seems disinterested in your enjoyment should be dropped for another immediately. Don’t argue or fuss, just contact the local branch office to make the exchange.

What cracks have you experienced during your past holidays? Let me know in the comments below.

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Why Is Travel So Important?

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If there's one thing that you're likely to hear more than just about anything else throughout your life it's the statement that everyone needs to get out into the world and travel as much as possible. Of course, you might be the kind of person who loves travelling more than anything and gets out of the country at every opportunity. However, if you're the other kind of person, the one who would rather stay at home and doesn't really get what all of the fuss is about, you could well be missing out on some wonderful opportunities. The truth is that travelling really can be as wonderful as everyone says it is. With that in mind, here are just some of the reasons why you should take the chance to embrace travelling.

It teaches you about yourself

It can be pretty tough to answer the question "who are you?" when it comes down to it. After all, we are all so heavily influenced by the world around us that there's no way that we could escape the context in which we were raised. The culture that you were brought up in is going to have a huge impact on the kind of person you are. Getting out into the world is a wonderful way of removing yourself from that context. That way you can really get to know yourself in a way that simply isn't possible when you spend your time somewhere familiar.

It reminds you that other people and cultures exist

Not only does travelling allow you to get to know yourself but it also lets you get to know other people too. After all, if you're getting away from everything that's familiar and ending up in a totally new place then you really have no choice but to throw yourself into that new culture and to get to know the people around you. Doing this not only helps you make new friends but it gives you a whole new perspective and reminds you that your little corner of the world isn't the only thing that matters.

It lets you discover new places

Of course, even if you're not that much of a people person, travelling helps you get to discover new places that you might never have encountered before. You might think that your hometown is the coolest, most fun place in the world but there's a pretty good chance that there's somewhere out there that will put it to shame. In fact, when you're travelling you may even find a place where you want to put down roots. From finding the perfect property for sale in Los Flamingos to discovering a love for the style of living in somewhere like Thailand. The only thing more freeing than visiting a new country is settling down there.

It gives you much-needed space

The modern world is a busy one. Not only that but it can be incredibly crowded. It can often feel as though people are constantly around you, even when you're alone. After all, even if you're by yourself you've still got your phone, your computer, and all of your social media to keep you company. Getting away from all of that and visiting a new place can help to refresh you and get you back to yourself in a way that you might never be able to at home when you're surrounded by friends, family, and work.

Experiences are more important than stuff!

If there's one thing that gets in the way of a lot of people being able to travel as much as they would want, it's money. Travelling is not always cheap and that can get in the way. But that doesn't mean that you'll never get the chance to travel to new places. The truth is that cutting back on buying things to free up funds for travelling can be a great idea. The truth is that the memories of an amazing experience are almost always going to end up being more valuable to you than any junk that you fill your home with.

Of course, the truth is that travel isn't necessarily going to be right for everyone. If you do discover that you're the kind of person who really is just happier staying at home instead of exploring the world, that's okay! However, the only way that you're ever going to be sure of that is if you get out there and give it a try. After all, most of the things that people come to regret are the chances that they didn't take. Of course, once you've been away from home you come to appreciate it a whole lot more since you know what being away from it is really like.

Why is travel important to you? Let me know in the comments below and then go and check out more travel-related content.

48 Pieces Of Clothing On Sale For Under £5

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Today's post is another shopping list one. In this one, I have chosen '48 Pieces Of Clothing On Sale Under £5' from various places I shop online. I'm always scouting the sale section of online stores and have bagged many a bargain doing this. Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite piece I have picked as well as what is the best bargain you have ever scored?

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Why A Visit To Andorra Has To Be On Your Bucket List

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The world is full of incredible places to visit and incredible places to see, ranging from tropical jungles to arctic frontiers where polar bears still roam wild. Everyone’s got a sense of what the big name tourist hot spots around the globe are, ranging from wilds of Canada to the beach and party culture and sweltering heat of Australia, or the ancient landmarks and Renaissance-era frescoes of Florence. A name that you might not have seen on that list before, however, is Andorra. Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe — the sixth smallest to be exact — and rarely makes the headlines. But there is much to see in this gorgeous mountain-bound land and there are ample reasons why your next holiday should involve a stay in some of the top Andorra resorts. Here’s a look at just a few of the reasons why a visit to Andorra has to be on your bucket list.
It’s a country you can walk across
Andorra covers an area of just 468 square kilometres, with a population of just 85,000 as estimated in July 2015. One implication of the country being so small is that it’s possible to follow various hiking routes and trek directly across the country from one side to another during your stay. While this isn’t a feat you’re going to manage on a half-day visit to the principality, if you’re in Andorra for a week you should have no trouble crossing the entire territory on foot, either in the company of a professional tour guide and group or on your own using the right apps and tools. You don’t tend to meet too many people at dinner parties who can brag that they’ve crossed an entire country on foot and bragging rights aside, the memory of the experience is bound to be priceless.

It’s a mountainside paradise

Andorra isn’t just any country, it’s a stunningly beautiful one, nestled in the Pyrenees mountains. Andorra is home to 65 summits over 2000m high and anywhere you go, the view is going to dominated by soaring peaks, lush steep valleys and azure lakes. If you like skiing and mountain climbing, Andorra is the place for you. Even if you’d rather take things easy, however, you are unlikely ever to grow bored of the stunning vistas and crisp mountain air.

It’s one of the most unique countries in the world
Andorra doesn’t follow the standard template for a country, by any means. For one thing, it is officially ruled by two “princes”, the Spanish Bishop of Urgell and the President of France. What’s more, Andorra has no official currency of its own. In the past, French Francs and Spanish Pesetas were used while today they use the Euro. Andorra is also the only country in the world whose official language is Catalan, although French and Spanish are also frequently spoken. Andorra is in other words, a one in a million kind of destination and well worth the visit.

Have you ever visited Andorra? If so what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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