Blogmas 2018 Day 7: The Bloggers Secret Santa Experience

For day 7 of Blogmas, I'm going to be showing you what I received from the Bloggers Secret Santa I was a part of this year. Before I start I just want to thank Casey from casestreetx for planning it and organising it all. You should definitely go check her blog out and give her some love. I've loved being a part of it and I am definitely going to be participating if she does it again next year. 
 Above you can see the items I received. I got a super cute unicorn hot water bottle, a Yankee Candle in Strawberry Buttercream and a book called 642 Tiny Things To Write About.

We used a website called Elfster which is where we were matched together and on Elfster there was a section to add items to your 'wishlist' so that the Blogger you were paired with could see what sort of items you were interested in and vice versa. The candle I received was one I added to my wishlist and I must have added a bunch of unicorn items because a couple of people in the group chat mentioned that I must be obsessed with unicorns, which is clearly true and did make me laugh quite a bit.
   I'm super happy with the candle I received as it is one of my favourite Yankee Candle scents. It smells absolutely gorgeous. It smells a little like vanilla which is also one of my favourite scents in general and my parents thought so too as I gave them a blind smell test of it.
The book was a lovely choice and I can't wait to start using it! Like the title implies it has 642 tiny things to write about such as 'Think of your worst rejection. Write a thank-you note to the person who rejected you' and 'You made the first machine that turns water in gold. You've got one minute to pitch investors on what your machine is. Go.' The very first one in the book is 'Write yesterday's fortune cookie. It got everything wrong'. It will definitely help spur my creativity when I need some inspiration and was definitely a great choice for a gift.
    The unicorn hot water bottle is so so cute. I'd been wanting another hot water bottle for a while now and this one is literally me in a nutshell. It's a unicorn for starters and secondly, it's in pastel rainbow colours which are my fave and the type of thing I'm drawn to the most. It's very soft and cosy and I am very excited to use it on cold nights.

Overall I think my Secret Santa did a great job and clearly knows me well from what I posted on my wishlist and what I generally post online. I'm very happy with everything and I want to say thank you to her, so thank you Secret Santa if you are reading this!

If you want to potentially take part in next years Secret Santa then you should definitely follow Casey on Twitter and let her know. You can also read her Secret Santa blog post HERE.

Let me know in the comments below the best and worst gift you have ever received from a Secret Santa or if you have never done one then any gift in general.

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Blogmas 2018 Day 6: Christmas Bakes Recipe Roundup

  For day 6 of Blogmas, I'm going to be doing a Christmas Bakes Recipe Roundup. Hopefully, you will find something to inspire you when you come to do any Christmas baking over the holiday break. On each number, you will find a link to the blogger's recipe. Please go over, visit their blogs and give them some love.


Let me know in the comments below which recipe sounds the yummiest to you as well as whether you made any of them and also be sure to check out some of my other Blogmas 2018 posts.

Blogmas 2018 Day 5: 20 Christmas Films I Have Seen Recently

 Day 5 of my Blogmas this year is 20 Christmas Films I Have Seen Recently. Most of these I watched on Netflix because that's where I've watched most of my entertainment lately. These choices may not be the BEST Christmas movies of all time but they are ones that I have enjoyed recently and think you may enjoy too. 

Love Actually

 A bunch of couples and how they fall in and out of love at Christmastime.

This is one of the ones I've seen in bits over the years but this year I watched it the entire way through. Everyone raves about this film every year so I had to give it a watch. While I thought it was a little bit boring most of the way through the ending of everything coming together was cute enough. It has A LOT of famous, well-known faces in the cast.

The Holiday

Two women swap homes and lives in LA and London for a 2-week break.

Another one that everyone raves about. This one I did enjoy more than Love Actually and liked the story of the two women swapping completely opposite lives and what comes from that.  Plus I've always enjoyed Cameron Diaz.

Home Alone

Do I even need to explain this one?  A young boy gets left 'Home Alone' at Christmas and must protect it from 2 burglars.

This is a classic and I'm sure you have probably already seen this many times like I have. 

The Night Before

3 friends go out on Christmas Eve every year as part of their tradition. This is the final year so they plan on going out with a bang.

The Night Before was hilarious! I first saw it at the cinema with my cousins and we all loved it. I have watched it since on Netflix and it was just as funny. If you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogan and Anthony Mackie then you are in for a treat as they are the main characters. I'd definitely recommend this one if you are into comedy.


Buddy was accidentally sent to the North Pole as a toddler and was raised with elves. As an adult, he goes searching for his real father.

This is another comedy one that I watched a few years ago. It is one that a lot of people love every year and I definitely think if you love Will Ferell you will love this. I'm going to give it another watch very soon I think.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, Halloweentown's king finds Christmastown and tries to bring it under his control.

I suppose this also comes under a Halloween type film but it works for Christmas too. It is a Tim Burton film so has that unusual, awesome art style that is so recognisable of him. I've only seen it the once a few years ago so again it's another I need to add to my watch list. I also get the 'This Is Halloween' theme tune song stuck in my head quite often!

The Christmas Chronicles

A brother and sister have a scheme to catch Santa Claus at Christmas. The plan goes awry so they have to join him to save Christmas.

This sounds like a usual kids Christmas film but it was so much more. It stars Kurt Russell as Santa for a start and is definitely a great film for anyone in the family to watch. I really enjoyed it and thought it was funny and cute. Plus it has a very catchy musical number. It premiered on Netflix this year so have a look for it on their platform.

A Christmas Prince

A young journalist is sent abroad to find a scoop on the Prince of Aldovia who is set to be king.

As you can imagine it is a classic, cheesy romance type Christmas film but aren't they the best type? This one premiered on Netflix last year but there is now a sequel on Netflix too.

Deck The Halls

Two neighbours compete to have the best lit up house at Christmas with hilarious results.

This is one I have seen a few times over the years and enjoy it every time. It is super funny and stars Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick.

Christmas Inheritance

Before an heiress can inherit her Father's business she must deliver a special Christmas card to her Father's former business partner. When a snowstorm strands her she discovers the true gift of Christmas.

Another of Netflix's romantic Christmas films. This one stars Eliza Taylor of The 100 TV show fame and again is another cute one to watch.

The Holiday Calendar

 Abby (Kat Graham) inherits an antique advent calendar that is seeming to predict her future as well as a budding romance.

A new premiere on Netflix this year that was a little bit less cheesy than some of the others. It is definitely an enjoyable watch. Look out for Quincy Brown as Josh because he is a great character too.

You Can't Fight Christmas

 A businessman who hates Christmas and a decorator who loves it clash about said holiday.

This also intertwines into another Christmas film called Miss Me This Christmas where both stories take place at the same time and we see glances of each film's characters throughout both. Another cheesy one but I still enjoyed it none the less.

Arthur Christmas

Santa misses a child when delivering presents so it's up to his son Arthur to save the day.

This is an animated film that both kids and adults can enjoy. I thought it was cute and funny and definitely, a must watch for any family.

A Wish For Christmas

Someone steals a big idea off the main character so she makes a wish to Santa for the courage to stand up for herself which is granted for 48 hours.

There is a lot of cheesy ones on this list and this is no exception but of course, by now you should know I love a good cheesy movie so expect a few more. I saw this one last year so I can't remember too much about it but it's got the same sort of charm as any other made for tv Christmas movie.

A Christmas Detour

Two travellers meet when their flights are grounded because of a snowstorm, she appears to hate him but the man helps the women get home.

You can usually tell when a Christmas movie is going to be a made for tv cheesy one because the two main characters are on the front and generally in green and red. Look out for it and you'll see what I mean.

Christmas Eve

A power outage in New York changes the lives of 6 groups of people who get stuck in elevators on Christmas Eve.

I liked seeing how each group of people were different and how they changed as people throughout the movie.

Once Upon A Holiday

A Princess escapes to explore the city and is shown around by a handsome man.

Red and green cover alert! again cheesy, cute and enjoyable. Stars Briana Evigan of Step Up films fame.

Christmas Wedding Planner

 A wedding planner is planning her cousin's wedding when a private investigator turns her life upside down.

I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. It did take me a little while to get into it but I'm glad I stuck with it.

I'll Be Home For Christmas

A single mom plans to spend Christmas alone with her daughter when her estranged dad shows up.

I liked that this was a little different from the normal romance style ones I have been watching in that it was mostly about the Father and Daughter relationship.

Holiday Joy

A teenager makes a wish for a perfect family but when it comes true it isn't as perfect as she thought it would be.

This one is more a teen film but definitely still worth a watch. Stars Bailee Madison and is a fun little film.

So what did you think to my list? Which Christmas films have you seen and which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out more of my Blogmas posts below.

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