Simple Solutions To The Little Problems In Life

by - 10 September

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In life, we are always told not to sweat the small stuff. More often than not, it’s the small stuff that actually causes us the most bother. The great thing about small issues is that the solution can often present itself as quite simple.

Today we are going to be taking a look at a few everyday small problems and simple solutions when it comes to tackling them.

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You’ve Made A Fool Of Yourself

This is something that happens to everybody at some point in their lives. Inevitably we are all guilty of making a little bit of a fool of ourselves.

When it comes to making a fool of yourself, though, the level of seriousness often depends on how you react to it. Making a fool out of yourself may see you cringe and feel that the problem is huge when in all seriousness, the problem is only a big as you make it.

So how do we deal with this? Well, the answer is as simple as embracing it. If you embrace whatever has happened and you visualize it as light-hearted, everybody else generally will too. When it comes to the way a person reacts to a situation, they usually look closely at the situation itself. Should you show embarrassment, this encourages people to act differently than they would if you displayed humour towards the same event.

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You’ve Left It All At Home

One of the biggest problems we stumble on nowadays is due to our reliance on technology. We classify it as a huge problem should we forget our cash card and phone. 

For most people forgetting their phone makes them feel so far out of the loop and detached from society, that they will want to leave work, go home and fetch their phone. This, however, is unnecessary. With the help of Google, you can access all of your contact numbers as they generally automatically sync when you set up your phone. You can access all of your social media via your work computer when your boss isn’t looking. There are even solutions like now that allow you to access your Instagram messages on the move.

You also don’t need to panic when it comes to payments either. Call your internet banking line and get a withdrawal code. You won’t even need your card to withdraw cash.

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Coping With A Headache

This is one of those little problems that can get to us all from time to time. When it comes to headaches they can ruin your day, but what if somebody told you that you are probably going about curing your headache the wrong way

One of the number one causes of headaches is what we are putting into our bodies. Sometimes the simplest solution for a headache is just a pint of water. Of course, if you have a migraine, you should reduce all light and volume around you. Also, the old wives tale about washing your hair to rid you of that headache, don’t do that. It will make it worse. Sometimes a vitamin deficiency will exacerbate a headache too. It might be worth having a vitamin deficiency test to find out if that's what's contributing to your headaches.

So what simple solutions do you have to the little problems in life? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here, why not check out more of my lifestyle-related posts?

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  1. These are great tips!! Need to try the water one for headaches since I currently can't take any pain medication.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Yes! Drinking liquids does work well for me for headaches generally.