What’s Next In Your Beauty Black Book?

by - 05 May

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When it comes to beauty, it’s always fun to enjoy the pampering and treatments that you do, isn’t it? When you’re pampering and primping, it makes you feel fantastic. Your body relaxes and you always feel your best when you’ve boosted your appearance. It’s such a great feeling. However, you may find that you’re not really sure what you want to do next, or where you go next – and that’s fine. Because here’s a jam-packed beauty black book for you to consider. No matter what concerns you have or the treatments you tend to prefer, you’ll find that any one of these cutting edge ideas make you feel fantastic.


To start with, you may find that you want to book in for a series of facials. While this may not be possible in the immediate future, it will be one day. So why not look into the expert facialists in your area and the kind of skin treatments that you’d love to do and make a decision. Because looking after your skin properly will mean that you get a glow and feel fantastic for it.


Maybe you love the idea of microblading? If you want to have gorgeous brows that stay in place at all times, then microblading is for you. They allow you to have perfect looking, shapes and pigmented brows. This saves you time every single day from having to draw them on. It can also be such a confidence boost and make you feel more put together when you’re not wearing makeup – even if you’re on holiday!


Or maybe what you really want to do is boost the way that you look? It’s okay if you have always wanted to make a few enhancements to your appearance, many of us do. Whether it’s smoothing out lines with botox, adding some lip filler, or even opting for a facelift, do your research now. It’s a good idea to find a doctor you like and enquire about costs so you can decide if and when you’d like to do it.

Hair Makeover

Sometimes, what you really want is a hair makeover. If you don’t feel completely happy with your hair right now, then it’s nice to be able to get a whole new look. It could be that you want to colour your hair or get longer hair and you can do that if you want. Now could be the time to save up and plan what you want to do in the future.

Spa Day

Finally, it may be that you love the idea of being able to pamper yourself. And one day, you should be able to book yourself into a wonderful spa hotel to get the kind of treatments that you want too. But, until then, you can definitely recreate the experience at home. Maybe you love the idea of running a bath and relaxing with a mask on or exfoliating and doing a manicure? Either way, it’ll definitely boost your mood.

So what's next in your beauty black book? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my beauty-related content?

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