The Perfect Christmas Movie Night In

by - 24 December

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Most of us can't go out this year so what better way to spend Christmas Eve than with a Christmas movie night? I'll be talking you through everything you need to make it a perfect night in.  

What To Watch

 For starters, you are, of course, going to have to pick something to watch. To make it the perfect Christmas night in it needs to be a Christmas movie. With Christmas movies, there is usually something for everyone. Netflix is generally the best place to find an array of different types of Christmas movies. 
In the mood for a comedy? Then A Bad Moms Christmas or The Night Before would make excellent choices. Want something a bit more romantic? Then My Christmas Inn or Operation Christmas Drop are super cute choices. Two perfect choices for kids would be The Grinch (2018's animated version) or Nativity. You could also try something completely different and go with a Christmas horror film, Krampus is you go-to one for that category.
If none of those options tickles your fancy then just search Christmas in Netflix's search bar and a huge selection comes up. I've worked my way through many of them over the last few years.   

What To Wear

 In terms of what to wear, your best bet would be something cosy and comfortable. You don't want to be sat watching a movie in jeans unless that's your thing! Joe Brown's have a lovely selection of clothing items to suit the occasion. My favourite choices from their website currently are their Magenta Cable Knit Cardigan because who doesn't love a good cardigan?, a Basic White T-shirt which is an absolute classic go-to and lastly their grey woodland Thermal Leggings because everyone needs a comfy pair of leggings in their life. Finish the look off with a pair of their Tiger Fluffy Slippers and you'll be good to go!

If you wanted to go all out with the Christmas theme you could wear a pair of fantastic Christmas pyjamas. Ultimate festive vibes.

Drinks & Snacks

 The drinks & the snacks have to be the best pair of a movie night in right? The perfect movie snack is definitely some popcorn. It's a classic so why not make your own? All you need are some kernels, oil and a flavouring to finish them off. If cooking isn't your thing then the best option is to pick up a couple of microwave popcorn bags from your local supermarket. Place the bag in the microwave and a minute or so later, perfect popcorn! 

Make sure you also top-up your chocolate selection as chocolate is definitely my favourite go-to movie snack. Pick a few different sharing bags and you are good to go! Milkybar Buttons and Galaxy Counters are my ultimate movie favourites. A great Christmas chocolate choice could be a box of Roses or Quality Street, unless you are saving them for the big day!
As for drinks, the perfect cosy night in drink definitely has to be a good hot chocolate. My choice is always the Galaxy Frothy one as it's just so yummy. Pop some marshmallows in to give it a more luxury feeling or even some cinnamon flavouring to give it that festive touch and enjoy the warmth spreading through your body. 

Extra Comforts

One extra comfort I love when watching a movie is a big, soft, fluffy blanket. You cannot beat a fluffy blanket on these colder nights. I own a few and definitely love to get myself wrapped up in them when watching a movie or just any time really.
Another extra comfort I love is something that not everyone can do but if you have a real fire set up in your living room, then get it going! It will add to the cosy Christmas vibes and will be the perfect finishing touch to your movie night. If you don't have a real fire, then candles will be a great alternative.

What do you do to make sure you have the perfect Christmas movie night in? Let me know below and while you are here why not check out more of my Christmas content?

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