How to Bring the Wow Factor into the Home

by - 03 February

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From the moment you enter someone’s home, you start to understand a little more about the people who live there, whether that’s through their crazy choice of colour, vibrant artwork or perhaps they have a captivating scent that filters through every room. Whatever it is they have in their homes, it’s something you’ll remember and think of every time you think of that person, which is why having the wow factor in the home is a goal for many. It’s always nice to have someone say ‘wow’ when they enter your home, even if your style isn’t to their own personal taste. Having key decorative touches and design elements can really bring the wow factor to your interiors, continue reading to find out how. 

Statement Pieces

If you’re looking to create a ‘wow’ feel in an instant, then having certain statement pieces in the home will certainly help you to achieve this. Statement pieces could be anything from a brightly coloured piece of artwork in the hallway, a grand piano sitting proudly in the living room or even a chandelier hanging above the island in the kitchen. Key pieces that stand out from the crowd and make a clear statement, helping to enhance your décor whilst telling a story too. Every piece of décor in the home reflects you in some kind of way, so make sure your statement pieces are something you’re proud of! Take a look online at these stunning chandeliers to get an idea as to how you can transform your ceiling area in an instant, making a clear statement from the moment anyone enters the room. 

Drama with Colour

Adding drama to your interiors is very easily done with the right choice of colour, especially if your interiors are fairly neutral and toned down. Opting for a bright feature wall can instantly draw the eye and bring the wow factor to that room, just like a vibrant pair of curtains or an eye-catching rug will. If you’re going to play around with colour, don’t be scared to go bright and beautiful. These touches are the ones that will really draw attention and create that unique finish for your home. 

A Homely Scent

Whilst it may seem like something people overlook; the scent of your home is crucial to creating that wow factor. If you enter a space that smells beautiful and instantly catches your attention, then you’ve managed to create an impact. Having a home that smells divine and sticks in people’s minds is a great sense of the wow factor, whether you light your favourite Jo Malone candles daily or you opt for a stunning fabric conditioner, you can create a lovely scent for your home that people will always comment on. 

Pieces of Art

As mentioned above, having the right artwork pieces in the home can really add the wow factor to any space. Artwork is personal and exciting, telling a story and adding character to the room so it’s always beneficial to introduce a bold piece of artwork to capture that ‘wow’ feeling. You can find some incredible pieces of art both online and at local galleries, so it’s always worth having a good look around for something that makes you feel good. You’ll know you’ve found the right piece when every time you look at it you'll think ‘wow’.
What do you do to bring the wow factor into your home? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my home content?

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