5 Campervan Facts to Blow Your Mind

by - 09 March

*This is a collaborative post.

Hitting the road in a campervan for most people signifies adventure and independence, which is why the RV industry in the UK has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. The first motorhome was born about 80 years ago, and these days, is worth an enormous £500 million, worldwide! With the popularity of this activity gaining momentum all the time, here are 5 campervan facts to blow your mind and make you an avid campervanner as well! 

Fact # 1. It’s way better than travelling abroad!

Apart from the fact that taking a holiday in a campervan will cost a fraction of the price of an overseas holiday, there are other reasons too, as to why it’s better than travelling to another country. For instance, your time is your own to do whatever you please, whenever you feel like doing it. There is no limit to the amount of luggage you may take with you, there are no unpleasant flight delays, and there is no stress over lost luggage.

With a campervan holiday, you can take all the clothes you will need, the food that you enjoy eating, and have all the comforts of home with you, right where you are parked. With campervanning, you are totally independent, you don’t have to wait for public transport to do sight-seeing, because you can visit sites as and when you like, and for as long as you like, too.

The greatest bonus for most people about campervanning is that they can always have their entire family with them, even their faithful, furry, four-legged family member! 

Fact # 2. No rules and regulations!

As impressive and informative that guided tours are, they do not give you anywhere near the freedom you have when you travel in your own campervan. Not only are there countless rules and regulations associated with guided tours, that everyone must adhere to, but there is also the fact that other people in the guided tour are complete strangers to you!

With a campervan holiday, on the other hand, you can share every minute of your holiday with your best friends and/or loved ones, as well as your family pet/s!

 Fact # 3. The popularity of campervanning has gone sky-high!

The popularity of campervans has replaced the favourite tents, hotel, and motel accommodation of a few years ago, to such an extent, that it has gone sky-high! For example, The Caravan Club, established about 110 years ago, is now known as The Caravan and Motorhome Club, because of the enormous increase in popularity of motorhomes as a preferred accommodation option with many holidaymakers. 

Fact # 4. It’s the best mode of holiday transport for disabled individuals!

A campervan is arguably the best mode of transport for the disabled. If a carer is needed to assist the disabled person, he/she can go along for the holiday and carry on looking after the disabled person. It is also great for disabled individuals to travel around the country because not all public or private transport has the facilities that the disabled would need while they are travelling.

Apart from the fact that a campervan can be equipped with everything that the disabled person would need while out on the road, but also the fact that he/she can have their families with them as well. 

Fact # 5. It’s one of the most affordable ways to travel! 

If you have a campervan, you can take a holiday for a few days, even if your bank account is running on just about empty. There are no costly flights or accommodation to stress about, and if you visit a reputable campervan insurance website and arrange good coverage for your vehicle, then you won’t have to worry either, about how to pay for any unforeseen accidents or mishaps that might happen while you’re on the road.
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