Night Owl Duvet Review

by - 08 March

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We all love getting into a freshly washed bed don't we? but before we can do that we have to try and juggle a cover onto the duvet EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What if I told you there was an easier way? That's where Night Owl from The Fine Bedding Company comes in.  

Night Owl Features

Night Owl duvets are coverless which means you can just throw it straight on the bed and it's ready to go and you don't have to buy any extra covers to go with it. Each duvet is made with unique compressible fibres so they easily fit into your washing machine and they keep their natural shape and plumpness after each wash. This makes the Night Owl more hygienic than other duvets because more often than not you generally tend to only wash the cover rather than the full duvet itself every time. They are all quick-drying, only taking up to 90 minutes to fully dry in the tumble dryer. A win, win in my books.
The duvet comes in 3 different tog sizes - 10.5  which is year-round warmth and 7 and 5 which are both summer options. There are 3 different types of duvet available, those are linen, herringbone and natural cotton and each has a range of different colours available too. Perfect for the whole family.
Each duvet comes in its own little bag, kind of like what a sleeping bag is packed in, making it easy to store when it's not in use which is another fabulous feature. They also have a range of pillowcases available to match with your Night Owl Duvet so you should definitely consider those too.

My Opinion

I picked one from the linen collection as that is a customer favourite and I chose it in their dusk pink colour. It is such a beautiful shade of pink and goes so nicely with the grey and white theme of my bedroom. I have a double-sized bed but I picked a king-size duvet as that is the size I usually use when it comes to other duvets. I find the Night Owl is slightly bigger than my usual king size duvet so just be aware of that if you have a low bed like myself, as it may drag on the floor. I still think I picked the right option though as I like having extra cover available to me, especially when I have a cover stealer laid at the side of me each night. 

 I picked the 10.5 tog version as I am always cold, so I love being cosy and warm wrapped up in my bed. This will be perfect for me all year round. When I first took it out of the bag I was a bit worried that because it was so lightweight that it wouldn't be warm enough but boy was I wrong, it's actually seemed warmer than my heavier duvet! The duvet itself has a super soft fabric on the outside which makes it lovely to the touch and also very comfortable to sleep under night after night.
I also let my brothers dog give it a test drive and he seemed to love it too! Here he is looking super adorable. 

Night Owl coverless duvets are definitely the way forward for ease and comfort as well as hygiene and I'll definitely be looking at getting more in the future. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this duvet as well as what option you would pick for yourself and while you are here why not check out more of my home posts?

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