How To Accessorise Your Bathroom

by - 21 May

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Accessorising your bathroom can completely transform the look without having to redecorate the room entirely. Introducing colour into your bathroom is presented perfectly through your accessories, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance of colour throughout the room without overdoing it, particularly if the space isn’t large. We have the best instant bathroom updates which are perfect for transforming your bathroom quickly. From storage to towels, to even updating your shower head, we have the perfect tips for you and your home. 


Extra fluffy, large towels are a beautiful way to begin to accessories your bathroom. Utilise your towels for your pops of colour, you can even match them to your bath matt to carry the theme through the entire bathroom. The extra fluffy the extra elegance, not to mention how kind this is to your skin after a lovely shower. You should display your freshly laundered towels to really make a focal point in your bathroom. Additionally, using a little wicker basket to house your flannels by your towel display breaks up the décor and adds beautiful textures and definition.

Shower Head

You can entirely rejuvenate your bathroom by refreshing the showerhead. You may have an outdated shower head which is taking away the life your bathroom has to give. If your budget is slightly too tight for an entire bathroom remodel you may consider changing your shower head for a more aesthetically pleasing style, a simply beautiful change that takes a matter of minutes. 
Image Credit: Aqualisa | Shower Head



Bespoke storage is the perfect solution to any small bathroom space, to make use of every nook and cranny. Clutter can really take over your bathroom as the space isn’t always blessed with storage solutions and what better way to accessorise and finalise your bathroom. Nothing is more personal than adding your own unique touch to your bathroom by designing your own, bespoke storage which can feature beautiful bathroom accessories and accent décor.

If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as bespoke storage, consider a towel shelf, this is a beautiful way to feature your towels, some faux plants and perhaps a wicker basket full of your toilet roll, making the un glamourous objects in your home become somewhat stylish. 


Matching your soap dispenser and toothbrush holder is a beautiful way of tying the room in together with additional robe hooks, towel rails and shelving. For the extra stylish accessories, you can explore neutral décor pieces such as decorative coral and rattan shelving for the ultimate beach style bathroom vibe.

There is nothing like fresh, stylish accessories to make your bathroom pop. If the beach style vibe isn’t for you, you can adopt the grunge, industrial style bathroom featuring matte black bathroom sets and natural metal mirror frames. Alternatively, if the glam life suits you more, you can incorporate a chandelier above your bathtub, some beautiful white towels, glass bathroom sets and lots of fresh, white flowers. 

What do you do to accessorise your bathroom? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my home content?

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